Smooth sailing

The 787’s smooth entry into service will hit an incredible milestone this weekend when ANA welcomes their 100,000th Dreamliner passenger. Since ANA launched two domestic routes with the 787 on November 1, there have been very few empty seats.


The first Dreamliner delivered to ANA at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

Load factors for ANA have reached 88 percent, 16 points higher than their other aircraft on the same routes. We’re also proud to report the Dreamliner’s reliability has been impressive, with an on-time departure rate of 96.3 percent.

Later today, ANA will launch its first 787 service from Tokyo to Beijing. And later this month, they’ll begin service from Tokyo to Frankfurt on the Dreamliner.


Here’s the 787 that ANA will use for its service from Tokyo to Beijing.

All of this momentum for the 787 comes as we get more good news on the order front. Earlier this week, we announced a new order for 10 Dreamliners. And Air France-KLM confirmed their order for 25 787s that was placed at the end of 2011. Total 787 orders now stand at 870 airplanes from 59 customers.

By the end of this year, we expect more than one million passengers will experience what this airplane has to offer. I got my first chance to fly on the 787 during the Dream Tour in China and it was everything I expected—and more. I hope you get the chance to experience it for yourself as more of our customers receive their airplanes. Congratulations to ANA on all of their success with the 787 in such a short amount of time.

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JAHC (Monterrey, Mexico):

Hi Randy.
Is nice to read this kind of news. Also love how the 787 logo on ANA´s liveries look. Can´t wait to see the dreamliner on Aeromexico´s livery and get the chance to fly on it.
Keep it up Boeing!

Carin (Toronto):

Gorgeous airplane. We are hoping the Dream tour comes this way in Canada.

George M (Long Island, USA):

Randy--Any idea when we're going to see a Dreamliner in the Big Apple? I'm very anxious to see one up close.

Greg (San Jose, CA):

How many of their new 787s will have the big "787" painted on the forward section of the fuselage?

I thought only the first two (one of them in the first photo) were to be done that way, but the one in the second photo is obviously the third, which is not exactly the same as how the first two were painted.

Daniel K (Sydney, Australia):

Awesome News Randy!

Seriously can't wait for the 787s to be introduced in the Jetstar and Qantas liveries Down Under. Would love to fly with this awesome brand new plane.

Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong):

Hi Randy,

It has been around a year ago that we talked at Boeing's Asian Aerospace 2011 in March in Hong Kong.

How are you? Will you be coming to Hong Kong anytime soon?

Last Friday was my birthday & my birthday wish was to fly on a 787 media flight~!

I really regret that I didn't fly on ANA's inaugural 787 flight in Oct... The rainbow show, the really big window reconnected the passengers together in a new way.

And I agree with you that 2012 will be the year of 737 MAX!

Kevin (Los Angles, CA):

It looks like the 787 is well on its way to fulfill its destiny.
I hope there will be more orders for the 747-8I in 2012.

Jun Leido (Manila, Philippines):

Congratulations to ANA and the 787 Team. Sometimes, good things take time. But innovation always benefits everyone by taking things a step higher and making life better than the last. I am sure, that the 787 will make all the airlines who ordered it a better carrier for its passengers.

Varun G (Chicago Illinois):

Hey Randy,
Congrats to the 787 team on the 100,000th dreamliner passenger. Also, it looks like the second segment of the dreamtour will be coming to Illinois. Randy, i was wondering, will the public be allowed to tour the 787, or is it just reserved for Boeing employees, and news networks? I have been dying to see the 787, and it would be great if that is possible. I look forward to seeing the dreamliner in Illinois, and once again congrats on the 100,000th passenger.

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Varun,

During the second leg of the tour, we'll be showing off the airplane to our employees, partners and customers. I hope the public will at least be able to see it coming in or out.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 787 opens unique opportunities with its capacity, range and economy, I can imagine ANA opening new markets in the future such as Osaka or Nagoya to Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York.

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

I am hoping the fly the Dreamliner from Seattle to Japan once ANA switches over to the 787-8 on that route later this year. Can't wait!

Richard Campbell (Nassau ,Np,,Bahamas):

I would really like to see these plane close up,
but i would have to probly waite awhile.boeing airplane is my favoite to fly on but i have never flown on a 777,787 and 747 i hope too when i travel true the usa to canada.

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