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Here’s something you don’t see every day. In fact, for only the sixth time in history—four different models of the 777 are currently being built inside our factory in Everett. The first time this happened was in 2009. The last time this happened was in 2010.


A rare sight on the 777 factory floor.

We snapped some photos to make sure we captured this rare sight for all of you to see. A 777-300ER for Air France and a 777-200LR for Air Austral are in systems installation. In final body join we have a 777-200ER for ANA. And in final assembly there’s a 777 Freighter for Qatar as well as another 777-300ER— this one for Cathay Pacific.


The flexible production system in our 777 factory makes it possible to work on all four of the models at the same time.

These are indeed exciting times for the 777 team. The countdown is on to this Friday’s big event when we celebrate the 1,000th 777 which is going to Emirates. Check out the beautiful special livery in the photos below. I look forward to the party and we’ll share some of the highlights with you following the event.


The 1000th 777 rolls out of the paint hangar. Matthew Thompson photos.

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Theo (Fresno,CA):

I love this livery for Emirates. Very cool. Way to go Boeing on another milestone

Wing Capt A. E. Oliver (Sydney Australia):

This is awesome, we at the Australian Air League congratulate Boeing for having had the foresight to build the production facility to allow such work to be done.

Randy Young (Las Vegas):

That is one Bad Ass looking 777 Airliner. AWESOME!

Lucas Coacci - CNF ao vivo (Belo Horizonte - Brazil):

Just Boeing!!Long life for the 777!!!

Ramel Kabbani (Dubai, UAE):

Beautiful livery design for Emirates!

Matt (Chicago, IL):

Way to go Boeing (and launch customer & design partner United) for an excellent and beautiful platform that had the legs to match its wings, right from the start.

Jeffrey Babey (Eagan,Minnesota USA):

Absolutely beautiful! the 777 was the last aircraft my father built avionics for at Honeywell Minneapolis before his death. I remember him bringing home photos and drawings of Boeings new super jumbo jet and having me look at the engines and how big they were and still are. The largest production aircraft engines ever manufactured to date. My father worked as a team leader at Honeywell in the "Functional Inertial Reference System Team" FIRST for short at Honeywell, Coon Rapids Minnesota.
Congrats to Boeing on their great success!

Benny J Robinson (Bull Shoals, AR 72619):

Just read in FLYING magazine and an article by Capt. Les Abend who said that the 777 can climb out of turbulence faster and easier than any plane he has flown.
Abend also said that it's nothing uncommon for the 777 to operate at flight level 40 at Mach 0.85.....I have a poster of the avionics on the flight deck hanging on my computer room wall.
I love the 777!

Kenneth Cummings (Theresa, NY (Thousand Islands- St. Lawrence River)):

I grew up on Mercer Island in the 70's and my neighbor was one of your test pilots that flew the 747 piggy-backing the shuttle. All these years later it is a stupendous picture to see the line still turning out gorgeous airplanes that are the envy of the world. Fantastic workmanship is still an awe inspiring sight. Toast to another 1000!

Stephen Smith (Santa Barbara, CA):

Boeing from the beginning. Great plane!

Hemant Muthiyan (Mumbai, INDIA):

Hey Boeing!

I am so overwhelmed with joy looking at the 1000th B777 being rolled out in EK livery!

The B777 and B747 are my favorite airplanes and I have had such wonderful flights on both...! I still can't forget that night flying from LAX to Seoul Incheon on KE's B747-400 and a visit to the cockpit in 1998.. I still get goosebumps recalling the conversation I heard between out jumbo and Japanese ATC!

My first flight on the B777 was on KE from ICN to SFO and I instantly fell in love with it! The cabin felt just like that of a B747, wide, roomy and so fresh! Thereafter, flew on the 777 a couple of times, mainly on KE, then on TG and the most recent one on Continental's non stop service between EWR and BOM in Business First! It was my first time in Business Class and that too on a 777!

Well, I can go on and on singing praises about the 777, the mammoth engines, the landing gear, the shear size of the plane and so on.... but here is what I want to say:

Congratulations Boeing for making such a wonderful plane (not only this, all your planes are wonderful, but this one is special)!

Congratulations to all the airlines of the world who fly the 777, this one is for making the right choice guys!!

And congratulations to EK for having the honor of receiving the 1000th BOEING 777!!!

Hey Boeing, like I said before, I am so overwhelmed with joy writing this and my excitement is infectious or contagious! Guys, I want to witness a delivery ceremony of a B777, I really want to do that.... It is a wish of a Boeing (777) lover.... please fulfill this for me....

Good luck Boeing, if it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!

- Hemant

Richard Ewing (Perth Western Australia):

Well done! you folk make great aeroplanes.

Ted Costopoulos (W,Roxbury,Ma. 02132):

BRAVO my BOEING for another milestone for the books, GREAT JOB working together ? I hope so. Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vijayendra (mumbai,maharashtra,India):

This Bird looks Beautiful, way to go Boeing :-)

ana r (everett, wa):

If only u really knew what goes into painting any one of the beauties!!!!! To the guys and girls @ evt paint, way to go.

Kadrican Pehlivan (İstanbul /Turkey ):

I flew too many types of aircraft even in airforce or inThy.The best is 777 .Can climb faster,flies faster ,so confortable for pilots and the passangers.Thanks Boeing,

Daniel Acosta (Mexico City):

Boeing only can do these amazing Aircrafts!!!!

Rajesh Aggarwal (Lucknow, India):

Congratulations on the 1000th 777 rolling out. Its a fabulous plane. GOD BLESS THE BOEING TEAM.

Bodhisattwa Mitra (Kolkata India):

The best aircraft.

Angel Ortuño (Murcia (Spain)):

Hi Everyone! and specially Randy for this update.

I love the 777, the first time I flew in, was in a 777-200ER British Airways, was on the route London-Atlanta, a formidable flight had never flown so comfortable and relaxed. It was quite an experience.

Later I returned to fly the 777, but I have yet to do so in a 777-300ER, I hope to do this summer, on holiday.

Congratulations to Boeing, and hopefully come another 1,000 more ...

Best regards!

VLAD (melbourne):

That really is amazing. The sight of the 777 being compiled together is really fascinating. As a Mechatronics Technician, what a place boeing would be to work at.

Hambali (Jakarta):

It's time to choose the "NEW QUEEN" 777 is the most suitable to replace 747.

747-8i failed, this is the end of 747 era.

Welcome 777, New Queen of the sky. :)



Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Nice dance floor -- wow, that is awesome!!

Sam T. (Bogotá):

The 1000th 777 - I knew this day would happen! Congrats Boeing...you deserve it!

Devin (Honolulu, HI):

As an employee of one of the 777's launch customers (UNITED) and downright "if it ain't Boeing - I ain't going" enthusiast, Congratulations Boeing! You deserve a pat for such a swell airplane.

sultan AlShahwarzi (Dubai UAE):

Do you guys have any idea what time and date this beauty lands in Dubai? Thank you!

Chaz (Charlotte, NC):

Wow... Seems like it wasn't that long ago I was marveling over the first 777... Now it's #1000... Already?!?! Wow. What a tremendous plane...

Ditta (Jakarta, Indonesia):

That's an amazing 777! Congrats for Boeing and Emirates!

Rajal Sharma (Modinagar,U.P,India):

Really good to know that Boeing has produced the 1000th member of it's 777 family...good going Boeing..

Cedarglen (Northwest USA):

Congratulations, Boeing! I've been a big fan of Boeing since my Dad took me to watch some REALLY BIG AIRPLANES being towed across a highway in the early 50s. Those things just stick. Currently, I'm a big fan of the quip, "If it ain't Boeing, I'm not going." And yes, I do check before I fly. The 777 is a seriously fine airplane and congratulations to all on your delivery of #1,000!

Irene (Vancouver, BC):

Love Boeing, love the 777! Beautiful!

Brian Wilfred (Johannesburg, South Africa.):

Boeing put a lot features in 777 no wonder great airlines can not let go of 777. What a lovely sight, sweet bird, worldliner and the Pride and Beauty of Boeing!!!.
Lord please;
Bless 777!!!
Bless the 777 team!!!
Bless Boeing, the 777 producer!!!
Bless America, the birth country of 777!!!
Once again, may God bless 777 and keep her.
May God make His countenance shine upon 777.
And give 777 peace na aha Jesus Christ bu Onye nwe anyi, AMEN.

Nikolay Klimchuk:

777 is the best one in the sky!
Looking forward to see 777-8X

Awad Odeh (Goiania GO):

I love the emirates already traveled there many times to dubai. The Boeing 777-300ER is amazing and very large

charlie (ARGENTINA):

EXCELENTE 777 como siempre Boeing LO MEJOR!!!!!!!!!

Noe (DXB, UAE):

Great pics! That's why Emirates enlarges its fleet with more 777! Boeing the best both regarding commercial and military aircraft, so glad to operate them :)

Muhammad Aslam Tariq (Karachi Pakistan):

Many Congratulations, to Boeing & Emirates on this occasion, both are setting new standard in aviation. PIA is the first customer having full range of B777series. I've been a big fan of Boeing .The B777 is a seriously fine airplane and congratulations to all on your delivery of #1,000. The B777 and B747 are my favourite airplanes and I wish Boeing same success on B747-8 .The fully extended upper deck on B747-8 should be Boeing reply to Airbus

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on 1000 delivered 777s and here's to 1000 more, well delivered, well served, well done... and many, many more to go.

Alan (Tukwila, WA):

So what suitcase do you use when you travel all over the world with your suits?

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Alan,

I guess you could say I've become an expert when it comes to packing. I'm currently using a Victorinox suitcase.



Sam Wong (Perth, Western Australia):

Congratulations to Boeing on a wonderful milestone. 1000 777s! The 777 is my favourite commercial airliner, both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. I'd choose to fly on a 777 over any other aircraft any day of the week. Here's to number 2000 :)

Is there any chance I can get (or buy) a high resolution version the third image in this article? It'd be perfect as my desktop wallpaper.


Hi Uresh, this is VERY interesting eednid. I just dug up some reference info on these static testing cones and here it is - I didn't know much about them before but now that I've read thru these paragraphs, I have a better understanding. Hope this helps anyone else who's interested!----------------------------Trailing cones were first developed and tested in the 1960's. Much of this early testing work conducted by the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Douglas Aircraft, the FAA, and NASA is used as the basis for RVSM certification efforts today.Trailing cones give an easy way of calibrating the static pressure error of a pitot-static system. It does this by giving an accurate measurement of the ambient atmospheric pressure (static pressure). The trailing cone system consists of a cone that trails at least one fuselage length behind the aircraft via a high-strength pressure tube. Static pressure is measured forward of the cone by static ports. The cone stabilizes and aligns the ports relative to the freestream airflow. This design eliminates the cost and complexity of retraction mechanisms. This design can also be used on aircraft that cannot use more complex systems.A general RVSM flight test includes not only the trailing cone system but also a task-specific test system that includes pressure transducers, recording devices (PC), and displays.A trailing cone is a seemingly simple device. It consists primarily of a cone with holes drilled into it, plastic tube, static ports, and other miscellaneous parts. It might seem that such a device could be put together rather quickly with parts obtained from a local hardware store.However, designing and producing a trailing cone that will operate without leaks and without failures at Mach 0.9 and -65 C requires a dedicated engineering and manufacturing effort. As the leader in flight test air data products, SpaceAge Control has undertaken the task of developing a trailing cone solution for RVSM certification and general flight testing.Why are trailing cones so popular in RVSM certification work? Primarily because the FAA and JAA specify them as one of several methods that can be used to perform flight calibrations. The trailing cone method is the most cost-effective and easiest of the methods to perform. Below are excerpts from documents referencing the trailing cone method.

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