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President Obama’s visit to our 787 factory last Friday gave us the opportunity to show off the Dreamliner on a national stage. But it also put the spotlight on our employees who’ve worked so hard to bring this airplane into service. Since I was traveling home from Singapore, I didn’t get a chance to attend the event. But I wanted to share this photo gallery from our team of Boeing photographers. You can also check out our video and feature story on


Air Force One, a modified Boeing 747, touches down Friday at Paine Field. Photo by Jessica Oyangi.


President Obama tours the 787 production line with Jim McNerney, Chairman, President & CEO of The Boeing Company (right) and Jim Albaugh, President & CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Photo by Marian Lockhart.


President Obama speaks with 787 employees. Photo by Marian Lockhart.


President Obama sits in the 787 flight deck along with Mike Sinnett, VP & Project Engineer for the 787 program. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.


Inside a 787, the President tries out the larger overhead bins. Photo by Marian Lockhart.


Enjoying the touch button windows. Photo by Marian Lockhart.


President Obama makes his entrance after touring a 787. Photo by Jim Anderson.


Greeting the crowd in the 787 factory. Photo by Marian Lockhart.


The 787 factory made for a beautiful backdrop— and so did the Dreamliner for United. Photo by Jim Anderson.


Shaking hands with the crowd after finishing his speech. Photo by Jim Anderson.


Photo by Marian Lockhart.

Comments (10)

V V (Montréal, Québec):

I guess everybody knows that Mr Obama once lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. Me too, but I'm not president.

M Simons (San Diego, CA):

How about putting in a order for 787 Air Force One's ?

Michael C (Adelaide, South Australia):

I think an order for two (or more) 747-8's as well for Air Force One!

So who's 787 was he lucky enough to sit in? United's?

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Even though I have a conservative tone to my thinking, I see the President's recognition for people doing a great job and Boeing seeing its vision come to reality on the factory floor; and our country's leader having a big grin at Boeing's accomplishment. The American Spirit is still alive in our country. Politics aside, everyone should see this exemplary example how in America, Boeing can create, and put together a world-wide team making an American Dream come to reality.

gary e. morin (South Portland, Maine):

I am jelious, i want to set in that pilot's seat!! Yes Please build a pair of 747~800's and 787's!!! For the new Presidential suite!! But I was told, and donot believe: the President's 747-400plus, has afterburners on this craft. Is this true? and please don't tell me if that is a security type question....If it does fine! Will boeing bring back the 727, and L-1011? glad to see the vamp of 737!!!

Tarun Khatri (Montreal, Quebec):

This is awesome work done by Boeing and as Mr. President also mentioned in his speech and i quote "You said we will do it and u did it". Its another landmark in Boeing's history.
Thanks for sharing the pictures..(:

john kennedy jr (everett,washington):

the 787 not big enough for the entoursge for our commander in chief!/..the new 747-8!...only way to go!...july 1987!..air force one my first airplane at boeng!

Mark (NYC):

Powerful imagery. The images of Air Force one are sublime. Agree or disgree with Obama, he's Boeing's top salesman. Please get this man a 747-8 before he leaves office.


Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I think it is always good to have an elected office holder, weather local, state or national like the president visit a plant like the Boeing plant here in greater Seattle. Great pictures of President Obama touring the 787, meeting people and visiting the cockpit.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

President Hu Jintao of China was there in April 2006. So I guess it's notable when the US political leadership is taking stock of the exporting industries in the country. Of course, this visit is tied to President Obama's goal of doubling US exports in the next couple of years from the start of his term. High-tech exporters and good paying jobs.

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