Double delivery

Some of my colleagues described it as Cirque du Soleil meets Boeing. In what was a stunning ceremony, Korean Air took delivery today of a 747-8 Freighter and a 777 Freighter. Korean becomes the first airline in the world to operate both types of our freighters. In fact, they’re the first customer to order both the 747-8 Freighter and Intercontinental.


Nose to nose. The 747-8 Freighter (left) and 777 Freighter. Photo by Marian Lockhart.

The ceremony at the Future of Flight in Everett began with members of an acrobatic troupe dressed in Korean Air uniforms. After a few minutes of doing some flips on a trampoline, they pulled a giant rope that opened a curtain—revealing the two airplanes parked nose to nose.


High flying acrobats perform during the Korean Air delivery ceremony. Photo by Jim Anderson.


Photo by Jim Anderson.

The unusually warm weather and sunny skies also provided a beautiful backdrop—with Korean’s livery blending in with the blue skies.


Cutting the ribbon on history. Photo by Jim Anderson.

Korean plans to operate the 747-8 Freighter on its transpacific route including Japan, Los Angeles and San Francisco. They’ll use the 777 to open new markets in Europe. Congratulations on an amazing double delivery.


Photo by Marian Lockhart.

Comments (8)

dopydem (Wild Blue Yonder):

A truly amazing day. A double delivery of the worlds greatest freighters and a clear blue sky Seattle in February.

Dave (Denver, CO, USA):

Great shots of two amazing and beautiful aircraft. Is that a hatch under the nose of the 777?

Tad (Tempe):

What an amazing sight with two beauties. Hope to see more of the -8 deliveries soon.

Thojmas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

Stunning photographs! Thanks for sharing them.

pong (hong kong):

Great birds to wait at the HK airport. To Dave of Denver, yes that's the forward avionics compartment hatch on the B777.

Gina Nuss (Seoul, South Korea):

Thank you for posting this coverage of the event! I am onsite at KAL with Boeing's EIS team for the 747-8F. We were outside yesterday afternoon to watch the arrival of both airplanes - despite the freezing weather and light snow, they were just as beautiful as always!

Maurice Walker (Riverside, CA):

747-8 & 777 Freighters...awesome pair!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 747-8 and 777 freighter makes for an amazing cargo capability for Korean Air.

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