Shining moments in Singapore

SINGAPORE - What an amazing kickoff to the Singapore Airshow. I’ve been busy over here as the good news keeps rolling in for Boeing. First, a huge congratulations to Lion Air for teaming up with us to make history. Lion finalized their historic order for up to 380 737s, including 201 737 MAXs. They’ll be the first in Asia to fly the 737 MAX and will become the global launch customer of the 737 MAX 9.


On left, Dinesh Keskar, vice president of Asia Pacific and India Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and Rusdi Kirana, founder and president director of Lion Air, celebrate the order. Photo by Gail Hanusa.


Here’s a 737 MAX 9 in Lion Air livery.

You know, our 737 family will play a big role in the future of air travel here in Southeast Asia. Before the air show started, I had the chance to make a presentation at the Low Cost Airlines Conference in Singapore. We’re forecasting that Asia’s low-cost carrier market will continue growing at double digit rates - reaching more than 13 percent annually until 2020. There are almost twice as many 737s serving the LCC market today compared to the A320. With many airlines in this region already working to renew their fleets, we’ll be working to make sure the Next-Generation 737 and the 737 MAX are part of their plans.

Of course, the 787 Dreamliner is here in Singapore and is once again turning heads. It’s especially nice to be able to show off the airplane to Singapore Airlines, which has 20 of our 787-9s on order.


The Dreamliner lands in Singapore.


Here’s me talking all things 787 on CNBC Asia.

While it’s been a busy past few days here in Singapore, I did find time to take in some of the region’s amazing food. I’ll leave you with a few photos—and let me assure you, the food is as good as it looks.


Drunken prawns at Jumbo’s, one of Singapore’s most famous seafood restaurants.


Chili crab.

Comments (4)

Richard M (New South Wales):

I'd rather have 380 737s that 737 380s ! :)

Henry Tan:

Haha Randy, I see that you have chili crab. Did you consciously or specifically took up on my suggestion of this dish in my Feb 4 comment on your "Taking a breather" post? :-)

Ah, looks like I wouldn't be able to get up close and personal with the Dreamliner :-(

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Good deal on the 737 MAX by Lion Air. Discount fairs and an expanding mobility class is a recipe for success and Lion Air is thinking ahead.

Hastings RH (New York):

When traveling I too enjoy taking photos of food dishes. Occasionally I forget resulting in photos of partially eaten dishes. Great memories nevertheless. Thanks for sharing yours.

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