Some like it hot

I’m back home from Singapore after enjoying another great air show. Not even the 95 degree weather could stop the crowds from lining up to see the 787 during its special stop in Singapore as part of the Dream Tour.


Sweating it out in Singapore for a chance to go inside the Dreamliner.

Even though some like it hot, our colleagues at Aviall came up with a super creative way to beat the heat and the sun at the same time. They handed out fans that doubled as a pair of sunglasses.


One way to beat the heat in Singapore.


I also took part in a video that features another fashion statement— a Dreamliner cap! You can check it out below.

During the show, we hosted another “tweet up” and gave away some Boeing gear to our Twitter followers. It was really amazing to see how social media played such a big role during the air show. In fact, we added thousands of Twitter followers just last week alone thanks to all the air show buzz.


One of the people who attended our “tweet up.”

Thanks to the people of Singapore for being such great hosts. I look forward to a return trip in the near future.

Comments (6)

Patee Sarasin (Thailand):

Great show Randy!!!! Congrats!!! Boeing . Its all been wortg waiting for.

Jeremy (Nashville):

I would stand in the heat or the cold for a look inside that beauty. I can't wait for service to start in the U.S.

Khaled (Dhaka.Bd.):

Welcome randy for tour in asia! Hope will arrange to future.BOEING star!star!!star!!!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Us SoCal people would melt at these temperatures but we definitely love the heat of the 787s appearance and the big orders made at the Singapore Air Show.

bevan (singapore):

hey randy

thanks for that little chat and picture at the air show.

bevan (singapore):

as always, a pleasure to read this blog.

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