The (Boeing) Edge of glory

SINGAPORE — Here at the air show, or any other time, it’s easy to get wrapped around talking about the latest new products and the global demand for our cutting-edge commercial airplanes.

But I have to admit there’s a lot more to Boeing than designing and building airplanes. Now, if you’re thinking, “there is?” I wouldn’t necessarily blame you. We haven’t always done a great job of talking about the services side of our business. Today we’re changing that.

It’s the story of our customers and the amazing advantage that Boeing gives to them. This week at the Singapore Air Show we kicked off this story in a big way - launching the Boeing Edge.


Our new service mark, an extension of the Boeing brand, represents the value we provide to our customers. Click above to explore the Boeing Edge.

Lou Mancini, our leader for Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, has a saying: “Every customer is precious.” I agree completely.

Making our customers successful is at the heart of everything we do. That’s what services is all about - giving our customers every advantage to succeed in a very competitive marketplace.


Boeing Converted Freighters are passenger-to-freighter conversions. Boeing provides design, engineering and project management, while partnering with some of the industry’s best-known modifications centers. Click above to explore Fleet Services.

Our connection to the customer is not just about sales and deliveries of new airplanes. It is a relationship that starts long before delivery and continues long, long after.

It’s a collaboration in the design and data behind the airplane and a continued dialogue during assembly of an airplane. It’s the training and the data to operate and maintain the airplane and all the work that goes into ensuring a smooth entry into service.

Boeing is embedded with the customer, providing everything needed for the successful functioning of the airplane and the entire airline operation - the parts, information, expertise and support available 24/7 to keep fleets flying safely and efficiently into airports around the world.


The 787 full-flight simulator is part of a suite of advanced training technology as innovative as the Dreamliner itself and is deployed at flight training campuses world-wide. Click above to explore Flight Services.

Over the next 20 years the global commercial aviation services market is expected to reach $2.3 trillion. That’s huge!

The Boeing Edge is aimed squarely at this market and the competitive advantage we give our customers. There are many companies out there offering one aspect or another of aviation services. But no company has it all - that is, except Boeing.

Boeing has an unmatched breadth and depth in terms of knowledge, technological innovation, commitment and integration — and the passion of an engaged global team of people.

This is how Boeing sets itself apart from a crowded and diverse field of services competitors.


Shipping and Distribution facilitators at the Boeing Spares Distribution Center (SDC) pick parts in the 60 ft. high (18.3 m), 320 ft. long (97.5 m) “high bay.” The SDC makes close to one million spare parts shipments each year. Click above to explore Material Services.

With these capabilities we’re focused on helping our customers be more efficient, effective and successful at what they do in their fleet and flight operations.

Airlines are really looking to focus more on their customers - the flying public - and less on some of the non-core functions. We’ve seen over the last several years that the low-cost carriers and now larger airlines have figured out what services are essential to doing themselves and what can be handled better by others.

That’s where Boeing provides an edge.


Technology such as radio frequency identification devices (RFID) adds efficiency to airline maintenance operations and enables better supply chain visibility. Click above to explore Information Services.

We have an incredibly large and diverse staff with skills spanning all aerospace disciplines. We have the intellectual property, the data, behind the airplanes.

And we have an unparalleled logistics system and global support network to deliver to our customers wherever they are based in the world 24/7/365. We put these to work for our customers in ways that others just can’t.

The bottom line is, we are the only company in the world that can do all the things we do!


A portfolio of services brings value to customers and the industry. In air traffic management (ATM), for example, we’re working to transform the current system to create greater capacity and more efficient airspace, enabling aviation growth around the globe. At the ATM Modeling and Simulation lab, Boeing conducts research of advanced arrival management concepts. Click above to explore Integrated Services.

Let’s face it, customers aren’t going to choose our products and services just because it says Boeing on them. They’ll choose them because there’s value there and because going with Boeing makes them more competitive and more successful.

Like Lady Gaga - another globally-known brand - with Boeing, you know what you’re getting: a unique quality you can’t get anywhere else - a powerful combination of expertise, innovation and passion.

We are the Boeing Edge and that’s what you get when you do business with us.

Comments (4)

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I certainly have a good reason to buy Boeing products if I ran an airline. Company logistical and assistance services like Boeing Edge is very useful for 24/7/365 services that is needed to keep an aircraft in operation as scheduled and to keep the down time as short as possible.

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

congratulations! it won't mean a problem for Boeing to supply Moon and Mars missions either...

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

The Boeing Edge implementation is a great package, that turns Boeing Synergy into Customer Energy, propelling its customers past the past and into the vision of what air travel is meant to be, a great experience. The trickle down effect is that passenger looking out a Boeing window sees a world full of possibilities while not knowing the source of inspiration. Travel time has now become valuable time whether its for the endeavors of business or the private journeys. Traveling on the Boeing's Edge of Glory is a sublime experience for each customer to benefit, which distinguishes them from other travel options.

RICHARD CAMPBELL (Nassau ,Np,,Bahamas):

i really would like to sea the 787-8 here in nassau and go for a ride.but i guess that won't happen here
but i wish boeing would have given it a better longer look up just look like another airbus plane with its short nose.i hope you guys do a better job on the 9 and 10 series. 8 look too ordernary.make the other two look more furturistic.and it will sell like hotcake.

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