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There’s something very elegant about an airplane painted in simple white. And when that airplane just happens to be the first 747-8 Intercontinental scheduled for delivery, it’s even more beautiful.


The Intercontinental being readied for delivery conducted its first flight from Paine Field this week. Ed Turner photo.

Earlier this week, the airplane reached another milestone by completing its first production flight (B-1 Flight) from Paine Field in Everett. During the flight, the pilots checked the Intercontinental’s systems to make sure the airplane is ready for delivery.


I’m told the airplane performed very well and will now undergo more tests and a customer flight before delivery to a VIP customer. We look forward to announcing a delivery date soon. Congratulations to the entire 747 team for another exciting moment in program history.

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Simon lewis (Sheffield england):

Thouroughly enjoyed visiting the 747 production line when we were in seattle a few years ago. Hope it can continue producing the most iconic plane ever for another 40 years. Looks so much nicer than the competition!

Chaz (Charlotte):

Randy- I know a B1 flight is a first flight... But what is a "customer flight" exactly? Is that some sort of pre-delivery check flight by the future owner?

Evan E. (St Louis):

Agreed Randy. I love the color. This airplane is just as gorgeous as its predecessor and I hope to fly on one.

Randy Tinseth:

Right you are Chaz. The B-1 flight is done by Boeing. The customer flight is done by the customer.

jmx53 (Springfield, Oregon):


Is this the prototype 747-8i (RC001 cn38636/1434 N6067E) stripped of that gorgeous red orange and grey sunrise livery?

miquel (Ede,The Netherlands):

Hi Randy,

What a beautiful machine,the 747-8 is the best,i am a huge fan.I have a little hope that KLM will order this beauty.They signed for the 787-9 but it will be nice to see the dash 8 in the blue color.By the way,nice link to Cream with "White Room".......

All the best.

Randy Tinseth:


This is a different airplane-- not the one with that debuted with the Sunrise livery.

Robert (Miami ):

Congratulations on the delivery, and hopefully many more to come.

JerryS (Tucson, AZ, USA):

In a trip to Europe this week I saw a 747-400 and A380 parked side by side.

If planes were chosen for their looks, there would be no doubt that the 747
is the plane of choice.

Always been one of the most beautiful planes in the air, always will be.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Even in plain white, the 747-8 impresses. The new 747 is going to look good no mater what colors or livery the plane will have. The same thing cannot be said at least in my view about the aesthetics of the A380.

ned papenfus (green valley, az 85622):

randy, what is the boeing logo ? the one you show on the 787 test flight, plus others i've seen ( like our ceo) are wearing the old mcdonell-douglas logo as lapel
pin. why not just a "boeing" for the logo and forget about old mcdonell-douglas
logo ?

Forem (Texas):

Q. Who conducts the aircraft pre-delivery tests, the manufacturer pilots or the airline pilots? and who is in control of the plane during such test?

Randy Tinseth:

The first flight (B-1 or Boeing Flight) is done by Boeing pilots. The customer can later come in before delivery to do a C-1 Customer Flight where the airline's pilot teams up with a Boeing pilot.

Stephane (Wakefield, Qc, Canada):

I only flew once in a 747 from Mirabel to Heathrow 25 years ago and OMG it was impressive. Today, I enjoy flying the 747-400 by myself (thanks to FSX and x-Plane!). It is, by far, my preferred aircraft and it's truly, a beautiful machine. Love it.

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