Train kept a-rollin'

Back in December, we delivered the 7,000th 737. That number included the “classics” as well as our Next-Generation 737s. Now, another milestone airplane is working its way through our Renton factory.

Meet what will soon become the 4,000th Next-Generation 737. The fuselage arrived in Renton last week by rail and was then placed on a transport dolly.


The 4,000th Next-Generation 737 fuselage arrives in Renton.


This airplane will be delivered in April to China Southern. It marks another proud moment for the 737 program and speaks to the popularity of this airplane. Considering the current 737 backlog is 2,674—including firm orders for the 737 MAX—we can expect to see those trains keep rolling into Renton for a long, long time. We also invite you to check out our Flickr page throughout the week to watch this airplane’s transformation.

Comments (3)

Edgar (NYC):

I love the song Randy. This is an impressive feat for the 737 program and indeed congratulations to all.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

No other plane I know about has a hull that takes the train to the place where it is assembled and made good for the flight that we devise that makes right to where we fly.

Fox Cutter:

I always get a kick at seeing the 737 fuselages on the tracks next to the Renton plant. It's also fun watching one take of from there (less fun if you're waiting for them, but only somewhat). It's a great show. :)

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