Over the Andes

SANTIAGO - We saved the best for last during our time here at the FIDAE Air Show in Chile. All eyes were on the 787 today as the airplane took off for a demo flight. I wanted to share some of the images from the flight over the gorgeous Andes.


The 787 gets ready for its demo flight.


Over the Andes.


The 787’s Rolls-Royce engines. LAN will use RR engines on its fleet.

I’m proud to say that this was yet another show where the 787 was the star attraction. Hundreds of customers and journalists got the chance to come aboard and see what makes this airplane so special. It was also great for me to take part in another leg of the Dream Tour and to visit with our customer LAN. You can feel the excitement as they prepare to put the Dreamliner into service. I’ll leave you with a photo gallery from our time here in Chile. (Photos in this post by Marian Lockhart, Adam Morgan and Scott Lefeber).


The Dreamliner shines in the sun in Santiago.


Welcoming aboard some of our many guests in Santiago.


The engines are always a hit with photographers.


A light show inside the 787.


Going nose to nose.. The 787 and the A380.


The A380 kicks up its heels and a lot of dust during its demo flight.


Me looking out at Santiago. Goodbye from Chile. Thanks for the hospitality!

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Because the 787 was in Santiago Chile it was a shaking awakening for a beautiful aircraft in a magnificent setting. Thanks for the great picture of the Andes, Rolls Royce and that "window" as you passed over the top of the world Latin style.

James Baloun (Palo Alto, California, USA):

With the A380 engines 51.4m apart and runway 17L at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport at 54.8m it is not surprising it kicked up some dust. Kind of a rough field operation for the big quad.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Nice display of the 787s nose contrasting with the nose of the A380. With all the civil and military aircraft displays, the FIDAE Air Show in Chile can match up to other great displays like Farnborough, Paris, MAKS, Dubai, and Singapore.

Henry Tan (Singapore):

I like the imposing shot of the beauty (Dreamliner) nosing and "staring down" the beast. That perspective help create the visual impression that the 787 is a much larger plane than the whalejet. Pictures don't lie ;-) but they can be cleverly made to bend the truth :-)
Great choice of angle, Randy.

Mark (NYC):

The 787 vs A380 'The Mechanical Mammoth', I'll take the 787. I flew an Air France A380 one time, never again. That aircraft is disturbingly large. If I ever have a choice in equipment types when I fly the A380 won't be it.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Gotta love that perspective on the 787/A380 shot, nice post!

Julio Costabal (Santiago, Chile):

Beautifull aircraft. It was nice meeting you.

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