Ceremony in the Sky

Just when you thought we’d run out of “firsts” when it came to the 787, along comes another first involving our newest Dreamliner customer. Transaero Airlines, the first Russian airline to add a Boeing airplane to its fleet back in 1993, is now officially a 787 customer thanks to a unique signing ceremony.

For the first time, a signing took place on board a 787 during a demonstration flight for Transaero’s executives, employees and special guests. The airline will purchase four 787-8s to be used on their domestic and international routes.

As Transaero executives handled the signing, Captain Evgeny Nikitin, Commander of Transaero’s 767/777 flying unit, was co-piloting the 787 during the flight.

I wanted to share some images from this special flight and congratulate Transaero. Welcome aboard! (All photos by Marian Lockhart)


A signing ceremony in the sky.


From left: Alexander Krinichansky, Transaero Airlines executive director; Alexander Pleshakov, Transaero Airlines chairman of the board; Marty Bentrott, vice president of Sales for Middle East, Russia and Central Asia, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; Serdar Gurz, director international Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


Captain Evgeny Nikitin (seated left), Commander of Transaero’s 767/777 flying unit, co-piloting the 787 during the flight.


Looking out over Russia during the signing ceremony on board the 787.


Transaero flight attendants hold a 787 model.

Comments (4)

George (Toronto):

It is so nice to see new customers keep lining up for the 787. The smiles in these photos say it all. I look forward to finally flying on one myself soon.

Thomas Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

Exciting times at Boeing for sure!!! Thanks for keeping us armchair Boeing supporters updated.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Now that the 787 is in the full swing of production I think more airlines will place and affirm orders, as time progresses airlines that withdrawn orders may reconsider their canceled orders. More celebrations are ahead.

Jeffrey Magnet (Massachusetts):

Transaero now has the B747-8i and the B787-8 on order!!! Good for them and for Boeing . Can't wait for the 1/400 diecasts .

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