This past weekend, I flew on one of ANA’s beautiful 767s. Orders for this great airplane keep coming in, a little more than a year after Boeing was awarded the U.S. Air Force contract to build the KC-46A aerial refueling tanker. While this is a transition time for the 767 program, it’s also a transition time for some of our customers.


Delivery of the 96th and final 767 on order for ANA. From the left, Brad McMullen, vice president, Commercial Airplanes Sales-Japan and Oceania; Takeo Kikuchi, general manager of the U.S. Engineering Office for ANA; and Kim Pastega, vice president and general manager, 767 program. (Gail Hanusa photo)

Last month, ANA flew away with their 96th and final 767. It was a special moment for the airline and for 767 employees, who’ve had a connection since ANA ordered their very first 767 back in 1979.


ANA purchased the first of its 96 767s more than 30 years ago. (Gail Hanusa photo)

While this was the last scheduled 767 delivery to ANA, the airplane will still be the backbone of the airline’s fleet while it transitions to its core fleet of 787 Dreamliners.


ANA’s very first 787.

Boeing mechanic Robin Goetz, who worked on every 767 ever built for ANA, put it best.

“They take pride in what they fly and we take pride in what we build.”

These are indeed exciting times for ANA and the 767 team. And as we go through the changes, the future has never looked brighter.


Already in service— and heading for a bright future. One of ANA’s 787 Dreamliners.

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Jasper (Arlington, VA):

The 767 will always be one of my favorites. I agree with Randy about them being beautiful. Congratulations to All Nippon for the recent delivery of your 767 and many more 787's to come

Tim K (Ont Canada):

The 767

Boeing's finest jet airliner ever...end of story

Penned by designers and built by engineers to be flown by real pilots and loved by flight attendants

It has grace, power, the best reliability and durability ever...everything that the best man made machine should have

If there was a God, this is what he would have built....once he'd finished the L-1011 of course

Norman (Long Beach,CA):

The 767 has proven to be a very good airplane by the time the plane has been in production. The 767-300 series has been in production as a passenger airplane for about 27 years without any intermission or stop-and-go in production, that is longer than any type and subtype passenger jet I know.

Kevin (Renton, WA):

My favorite airliner to travel on, bar none. 2-3-2 seating is unbeatable, especially for couples. My favorite flight on a 767: LA to Rarotonga (Cook Islands) on Air NZ.

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