South Carolina rollout

“We build jets!” That was the chant from thousands of Boeing employees in South Carolina as the first 787 built in our North Charleston plant rolled out last Friday. Since I’ve been traveling overseas, I wasn’t able to attend the big event. But I want to extend my congratulations to our entire team in South Carolina for this proud moment.

Now, our attention turns to getting that first airplane into the hands of our customer Air India. The South Carolina facility will be key in our 787 production ramp up. We’ve already gone to a rate of 3.5 airplanes a month in Everett. When we eventually go to 10 a month as planned in late 2013, 7 of the airplanes will come out of Everett while another 3 will be produced in South Carolina. And if Friday’s enthusiasm in North Charleston was any indication—our employees there are more than ready to meet the challenge. Photos from the event by Alan Marts.


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Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on the first 787 to be built in South Carolina. Now the waiting time from order to reception is almost halved, very good when you are number 800 on the list. Great job.

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