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I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in at least a portion of all seven legs of the 787 Dream Tour. It all started back in December of last year when we touched down in Beijing— which also happened to be the first time I’d had the chance to fly on the Dreamliner.

The seventh and final leg kicked off in Sydney a few days ago— giving me the chance to once again visit with some of our great customers. It has been one amazing ride. A big thanks to all members of the Boeing team who spent some very long stretches on the road to show off this great airplane to the world. I’ll leave you with some photos from our time Down Under.


ZA003 touches down in Sydney.


Kicking off things Down Under.


Talking with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (center) and Jetstar Australia CEO David Hall (right).


On the media flight from Sydney to Brisbane.


Looking forward to seeing the real things in the air.


In front of blog predecessor Randy Baseler’s favorite Sydney watering hole— the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel.


One of the light shows during the Vivid Sydney festival.


For all you foodies. Meatball subs— yum!


Slow cooked lamb.. Flintstones style.

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Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

in the price list of current Boeing airplanes there is already the price for the Boeing 787-9 as well... Gosh! because I believe that the 787-9 will double the success of the Dreamliner Family...

with so many 787s sold Boeing reached a high capacity in the skies again - this time with more flexible airplanes and with increased environmental friendliness... congratulations to the awards and to the headlines!


Welcome to Australia Randy - you brought the Seattle weather when you arrived and look like leaving us with it when you are off to Auckland. I was one the lucky people who were able to tour the aircraft and loved every minute of it. I can't wait for them to be flying in Australia with Jetstar and Qantas. Thanks to Boeing for bringing the 787 back down to Australia and for all the Boeing staff along for the ride for thier knowledge and humour :)

H (Australia):

Considering your love of food, what do they serve on the long range company flights (like to Australia)?


Glad you enjoyed your time in Australia again.

Its a shame you couldn't bring the 787 across the country to Perth, as Boeing did with the 777-300ER test aircraft in 2003.

Evan Clinning (Auckland NZ):

Hi Randy. I think I saw you today in the airport bus when you got off the 787 at Auckland. Least to say I was starstruck ;). Would love to get a chance to tour the 787 while it's in Auckland if there is any chance. I am a die hard Boeing fan.


PS. I love your blog!

Norman (San Diego, CA):

Wow! I cannot wait to see the 787 in the Jetstar livery in its silver finish. I can immagine new cities and markets being open up by Qantas as well as past cities that the airline used to serve.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Awesome tour, hope she found her baby! ;)

Ta (Wellington,nz.):

Great blog Randy,saw the 787 land in Akld the other day,beautiful birdie.Randy,are u able to reveal to fans how much fuel was consumed by the 787 on its trip from Seattle to Australia and Australia to New Zealand..?

Varun G. (Chicago IL USA):

Good to see the Dreamliner going to new places. Randy, I have a few questions for you. Is it possible to have a bare carbon composite skin? Like American Airlines Livery is polished aluminium, would it be possible to have a polished black composite skin? Also, what does the schedule look like for the upcoming 787-9? I understand that the deliveries are planned for 2014, yet I do not see any news on the actual plane. Finally, is it possible to create the aluminum effect on the 787? Similar to American's livery, that aluminum shine, is it possible to replicate with paint?

capnaux (PHX):

Saw this bad boy hiding next to a hangar in DFW a couple weeks ago. Still gorgeous even from a distance!


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