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Something special happened yesterday that brought a smile to my face—and a lot of other faces around Boeing. As the first 787 built in South Carolina made its first flight out of Charleston, we couldn’t help but notice some other things on the radar.


The first 787 built in South Carolina takes to the skies for the first time.

At the same time that Dreamliner was flying above South Carolina, five other 787s were also in the air. One was the Dream Tour airplane heading from Seattle to Sydney, Australia. Meanwhile, ANA and JAL each had two Dreamliners up as part of their regular revenue flights.


The Dream Tour continues as ZA003 touches down in Sydney.


One of the seven Dreamliners belonging to ANA.


JAL currently has four 787s.

We checked with our friends at FlightAware to find out if six Dreamliners in the air at once was a record. It appears that is indeed the case (it has actually happened three times just this month).

It wasn’t that long ago when having just one 787 in the air created a buzz. And while the skies will soon be full of Dreamliners—I don’t expect that special feeling to diminish one single bit.

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Bill N DC (Capitol Hill, DC):

I share ur enthusiasm (& love Flight Tracker!) I look forward to flying on a Dreamliner soon! Even sooner, touring the plant on my 60th B-Day in July. Wheels Up!

Todd (Dallas):

Six up and many more to come I hope. Congratulations on this great plane.

Varun G. (Chicago IL USA):

Wow, I remember when the announcement of the South Carolina site was announced. Now we have the first flight of the South Carolina Dreamliner. I cant wait to fly on one of these birds. Good luck to the Dreamliner down under and good luck to Boeing.

Randy, when will we be seeing the turbulence countering system on production models?

Thomas Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

It has been frustrating (at times) and fun to watch the Dreamliner progress from concept to reality over the past few years. And now, watching them ever so slowly extend their market presence.

Where it started with only one route between Tokyo and Frankfurt, the Dreamliner is now serving Boston, Moscow and India as well. Thanks to Flightaware, we can watch the expansion in real time.

Thank you Randy, for keeping us aviation nuts informed and engaged. I personally can't wait to watch this scenario play out again for the 900 series, and eventually the 100 series.

Keep up to great work!


"DREAMLINER" a SUPERB apropiate name for me BOEING allways be as AMERICAN as it is MICROSOFT to the tech world!
I will never forget as a teenager the arrival of the JUMBO 747 of AVIANCA AIRLINES at my hometown BOGOTA (BOG)COLOMBIA at 9000 feet hi in the andes mountains in the 70'.
AVIANCA (AV) is still the OLDEST AIRLINE in the Americas behind ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES KLM.

I hope I could fly in a 787 before I die...I have never walked I use a wheelchair...I fullfilled my dream of FREEDOM Driving mi Oldsmobile 84 using HANDCONTROLS ine 1988.!
I was proud trilingual(spanish-english-german)EASTERN AIRLINES (EA) RESERVATIONS MIAMI HEADQUARTERS at MIA Airport from DEC 1989 to JAN 16 1991 When it ceased operations....changing MIAMI and airline history and proud service for ever and after sep 11 2001 if you NEED TO FLY...I HOPE the 787 will bring back:
"I love to fly and it shows"

....good luck BOEING 787......

Steven Tan CT (Singapore.):

I would love to travel onboard a 787 Dreamliner on a weekly/monthly basis by me being employed/working for Boeing Company based in Singapore as VIP Document Delivery Flight Personnel in the Admin/Finance Department etc in the Boeing Organisation...!!!If do have any such vacancy should arise in the near future, do email me at Many thanks in advance!!!:)

Edward (Indonesia):

Indonesian Lion Air is having conversation for 10 units B787 with Boeing, same year after the 737 MAX mega-order. I didn't get the chance to see this baby in Singapore Airshow, so I really hope to see the 787 DREAMTOUR TO JAKARTA!

Norman (San Diego, CA):

Congrats on the number of 787s in the air at one time. That number will soon multiply. Lufthansa already plans to send the 747-8 Intercontinental to Los Angeles and it won't be long until the news is made on the first regular 787 service to LAX.

Lee (Sydney, Australia):

I had the pleasure of travelling onboard the 787 between Sydney and Brisbane while it was on the Dreamtour here in Australia - magnificent!

A most impressive aircraft and the Boeing crew were most welcoming and accomodating when asked any question about the aircraft (although they probably would have heard the same questions time and time again while on tour).

You have a great product which you and the Boeing team should be rightfully proud of - well done!

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