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The 787 Dream Tour wrapped up its sixth leg this week. While we’ve been able to show you plenty of great photos of the airplane itself, I thought you’d like to see a photo gallery from the inside looking out. With a big thanks to Boeing photographer Ed Turner, enjoy the view from a window in the skies.


The White Cliffs of Dover as seen from the 787 during its UK visit.


An incredible view over Norway.


Arriving at Reagan National Airport in DC.


The Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium in St. Louis.


One of the many water salutes the 787 received— this one at DFW.


A view from the flight deck as the 787 makes its way to toward an excited crowd during a visit with American Airlines.


On the way home to Seattle with our famous volcanoes serving as a beautiful backdrop.


Thanks for a great leg 6. We’ll announce leg 7 of the Dream Tour soon!

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Ben R. Ogletree Jr. (Livingston! Texas):

I finally got a chance to visit 787 No. 3 in American's hangar at DFW last Saturday. My complements to the design, production, certification and sales teams for this magnificent piece of work. The various publicity pix are beautiful but nothing to compare with seeing the real thing up close.

Years back I visited the plant in Everett and No 3 was just some fuselage sections sitting behind almost-finished No 1 and half-finished No 2. How exciting to see her again in her Sunday best blue and white!

The demo staff were most courteous and excitedly efficient, and doing some hangar flying and the courtesy of a visit to the flight deck with Randall Neville capped it all off for this now-senior-citizen commercial pilot.

Best wishes to all of you in turning this aviation work of art into a great commercial success.

Ben R. Ogletree Jr.
Livingston, TX

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Marvellous, beautiful 787 pictures.

Tina (Everett,WA):

Truly gorgeous images. Thank you Randy and Ed for sharing.

Muchui Maingi (Dubai):

Lovely pics.. The ultimate machine ! Happy to fly this piece of art :-)

Thomas V. Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

It doesn't matter how many times I see the Dreamliner in person or on photographs, it is beautiful and graceful. Can't wait for ANA to run them from Seattle to Tokyo, as that will be be awesome! Now if only someone would establish Dreamliner service directly from Portland to either the UK or Germany.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Like the better pressurized fuselage and the active turbulence mitigation system, the large windows are another reason for passengers to like the 787.

capnaux (PHX):

Great pics! Was wondering why I saw the Dreamliner in DFW the other day...

Captain, A320

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