Wild week for the 787

This has been one whirlwind of a week for the 787. The Dream Tour airplane arrived in Washington, DC on Monday. We managed to capture some beautiful photos and video of ZA003 as it flew past the Washington Monument.


The 787 comes in for landing in DC.


After the airplane hosted thousands of guests in DC, the week was capped off last night at the Collier Trophy presentation dinner. The 787 received the prestigious award from the National Aeronautic Association for being the greatest aeronautic achievement in America last year. It’s an award we don’t take lightly and we’re truly honored to receive it.


Jim Albaugh, President & CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, honors the 787 team during the Collier Trophy dinner.


Mike Sinnett (left), 787 vice president and 787 Chief Project Engineer, and Capt. Mike Carriker, the original 787 Chief Pilot, are part of the team that designed and developed the 787.

The events in DC weren’t the only big things happening with the 787 program this week. The first engine run of the first South Carolina-built 787 was completed as we draw ever closer to that airplane’s first flight in the coming days.


The first 787 built in South Carolina during its rollout last month.

And before the Collier Trophy presentation, the 787 was honored with the 2012 Hermes Awards for Innovation Grand Prize. The Hermes Awards, given by the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation, honor innovative ideas and products that help advance society. Finally, the Dreamliner was honored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics with the AIAA Foundation Award of Excellence.

Great things happen when you build great airplanes. Here’s hoping the rest of 2012 brings even greater things.

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Comments (3)

Jennifer (Cleveland):

Beautiful photos of a beautiful plane. Many congrats to your team for their innovation.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA, USA):

Congratulations to the entire 787 team! The award is much deserved. I can't wait to get a flight on a 787 an re-experience flying! I imagine the excitement around the 787 is similar in many ways to when people first started flying and a flight was something to get excited about and celebrate.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congratulations on the Collier Trophy award on the 787 project. Boeing has lead the way with the first high production jet airliner the 707, the highest production airliner in the world, the 737 the first widebody, the 747, the first ETOPS twinjet, the 767 and the first true 21st century designed and engineered airliner, the 787 Dreamliner.

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