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While we’ve touted the 787 Dreamliner as being 20 percent more fuel efficient than other airplanes its size, we always knew the proof would be in the actual performance. Thanks to our launch customer ANA, we now have the numbers to back us up.

The airline just released stats showing their 787s have saved them 21 percent in fuel per flight compared to a 767. To put it in other terms, the savings equates to the fuel used for their Tokyo to Frankfurt route over an entire month. That’s huge to the airline’s bottom line.


But we’re not just beating our customer’s expectations. We’re also exceeding passenger expectations. A survey of nearly 800 ANA passengers flying long-haul on the Dreamliner between Tokyo and Frankfurt yielded the following results:

• Nine out of 10 passengers said their overall experience met or exceeded expectations

• Four out of five said the higher humidity levels met or exceeded expectations

• 92 percent said cabin ambience was as good as or better than they expected

• Air quality and cabin pressure met or exceeded expectations for nine out of 10

• Cabin lighting exceeded expectations for 90 percent of passengers

• Smoothness of the flight was as good as or better than expected for 87 percent

And if you needed more proof that the 787 is one of the most highly anticipated airplanes in aviation history, keep in mind that the survey also found four out of 10 passengers chose their flight simply because they wanted to fly on the Dreamliner.

As the 787 Dream Tour came to a close last week, one thing was for certain. The reaction the airplane received at every stop around the world was overwhelming. We can’t wait to see how our other customers and their passengers feel about the airplane.

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Vaidya Sethuraman (Chicago):

Congratulations Boeing esp on the fuel efficiency actuals coming in ; if a first of the line (with weight reduction to come later) plane gives 21% lower burn , the improved weight version would give say 25%- that is the best news for the dreamliner.
The feedback from the passengers is also great.
I look forward to United taking them and putting them on the ORD-Heathrow sector later this year to really feel the plane.

V V (Montréal, Québec):

You said, "The airline just released stats showing their 787s have saved them 21 percent in fuel per flight compared to a 767."

The numbers in the page 3 of this document (click here) show that the fuel burn reduction is about 735,000 USgal per year and per aircraft. If jetfuel is 2$ per USgal then it translates into 1,470,000 US$ per aircraft and per year.
Well, one and a half million US$ per year and per aircraft is quite significant.

I don't know exactly how to translates it into reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2) emission.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

It looks like the raw stats have beaten the expectations on fuel economy and the vast majority of passengers like the newly innovative cabin interior and the improved environment that it sustains. Not bad news for the airlines that have placed orders for the 787 and those looking to place orders.


thanks for the link to ANA - social statistics are always thrilling - does one see every point for understanding the question and the answer? Are there omissions...

Anyhow ANA seems to be satisfied - good for ANA and Boeing!
21% less fuel burn sounds great - ... also statistic!

Uriel Mazoz (Belo Horizonte):

This plane is really amazing, if i fly in Dreamliner would be because i wanted to fly in Dreamliner not because i have to fly to some place. But still have a question, when Brazilian companys will buy 787. When buy i will fly in the first day.

Tim Mumford (Bellevue, WA):

Its great to hear of the raving reviews of the 787. I can wait to get aboard and see it in action! I want to meet the one guy who seemed to hate everything though and find out what he WAS expecting. :)

David Ogu (Nigeria):

Nice job Boeing. Thumbs up!

Frank Hof (The Villages, FL):

American Engineering and design at work to provide an excellent design to the American Workforce to build. Be proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Andrew Boydston (Boise,ID USA):

On the TV Show "Family Feud", The announcer says, "Survey Shows!". Then goes he goes on to say, "sorry Airbus family, Sharklets was the wrong answer".
Top 10 survey answers are:
1. 21 % more fuel efficient.
2. Greatest Humidity comfort and atmosphere levels, no jet lag.
3. Greatest flight experience.
4. Highest ambiance comfort
5. Cabin lighting more sensual than the Aurora Borealis
6. Smoothest flight
7. Best Airplane with the Edge
8. Quiet airport sound signature.
9. Most fun to fly.
10. Greatest Aircraft with all electric architecture.

Boeing family wins the "all expense paid trip anywhere in the world or just around the world". The shows first standing ovation continues...

miquel polman (Ede,Netherlands):

Hi Randy,
Congratulations to you,Boeing and ANA with this wonderful achievement.21 percent is a lot...

You think that the next 787,s with the weight reduction and the PIP,s on the engines will be more efficient?This is awesome...What a fantastic airplane.

Can,t wait to hear from you how the 747-8 is doing in service.Some people were critisizing this airplane before it was even in service,that it wasn,t efficient enough but i think otherwise.I think Lufthansa is very happy with it.Same as ANA with the 787.And of course JAL...

"if it ain,t Boeing I ain,t going" that,s my motto.


Bob A. (Boston, MA):

Impressive to see the early 787 exceeding promises on fuel burn. My guess is 25% is within reach as the 787 airframe and engines are further optimized. One question though...could you clarify whether the baseline 767-300 is an early or later build? If newer...all the more impressive!

pardeep ((everett wa)):

that s a great job and achievement for aviation industry.being as a pilot would like to fly this bird one day

Richard Campbell (Nassau,Np,Bahamas.):

WOW! 21% fuel saving what airline can live with that.
AnA bottom line should look real good now with this airplane in its fleat.I could see them ording more of this type in the future.if only boeing could speed up the deleivery process.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Richard Campbell (Nassau,Np,Bahamas.):

Now boeing as three very good plane in services around the world but my favorite is still the 777.
Its simply the world best BUILD airplane.I hope during its update process boeing do a good job in making it better,but if something isn't broken i don't know if one should touch it.The 777x8 should be way AHEAD of it time. By GIVEing IT A head turning brand new look with future looking features
an a wrap around glass cockpit window.It will blow the compititon away just an idea from a friend.

Michael Baker (Washington DC):

The lack of negative remarks from ANA since the 787 delivery last fall was always a good sign and now they've presented their own data showing a 21% cut in fuel burn against the 767-300ER.

As block point improvements increase the 787-8s capabilities, the A330-200 will also be inferior by a similar margin.

An analyst at Strategic Research wrote about this comparison recently:


Either way, the 787-8 fuel burn and economics should help the 787-9 too. And of course, it will pressurize Airbus and the A350-900 into being just a good a rival too. This is good news for airlines all round....now if they did something about those air fares!!

Le bon vivant (South africa):

This is a dream aicraft for airlines. I think those companies that were quick to cancel their orders and go for the A330 will now be regreting their decision.

They have lost their place in the queue and sorry for them. With this amount of savings, this aircraft is worth the wait.

I can't wait to see the 787-10 launched and kill off the A350XWB programme.

Go Boeing, go !!!!!!

Dori (South Africa):

With all the negative remarks being made about the 787 windows not being dim enough I believe the electronically dimmable windows on the 787 are generally a great idea considering it allows the cabin crew central control of the lighting in the plane. However Boeing's mistake in my opinion was to do away with the manual shutters on the 787. These shutters should have remained in addition to the electronically dimmable feature to allow the interior of the plane to be darkened as much as possible when necessary. When one wants to be in a darkened room one cannot compare the light which comes through a tinted window pane to the light which comes through a window which is covered by blackout curtains and/or blinds.

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