Green-Eyed Lady

I always enjoy using this blog to take you behind the scenes. And today, something pretty exciting happened at our Renton factory that I wanted to share. The fuselage for what will be our very first ecoDemonstrator airplane moved into the factory.


Waiting to move into our Renton factory.

This 737-800 for American Airlines will be a flying testbed for environmentally progressive technologies in order to accelerate the use of this technology on future airplanes.


The ecoDemonstrator fuselage inside the 737 factory.

The airplane will feature adaptable trailing edge technology to cut down on noise and emissions during the entire flight. Its variable area fan nozzle will reduce community noise, while flight trajectory optimization allows crews to determine more fuel-efficient routes. The airplane will also feature regenerative fuel cells for onboard power to potentially reduce weight, fuel burn and CO2 emissions.

We look forward to seeing how this airplane performs and want to thank American Airlines for helping us take yet another dramatic step forward in minimizing our impact on the environment. While this airplane may not have green eyes, she’ll certainly look beautiful in the sky.


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Llewellyn28, Toronto:

Congratulations to Boeing yet another innovative first

Steven Gage (DFW):

I can not wait until thr MD 80 is gone
Love AA !!!!

V V (Montréal, Québec):

When are you going to give a sexier and more aerodynamically efficient windshield to the 737?

Helen (Vancouver, BC):

I can appreciate what both companies are doing in this effort. Hats off to American for flying this bird in what will be revolutionary.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID (USA)):

Awesome song for 737-800 NG. Great follow on from the Max Journal entry prior to this offering.

I forgot how great that song was and really embodies the 737 Journey. Please indulge me, as I add the Lyrics from Sugar Loaf's rendering, for those folks who happened to miss the revolution in the sixties and seventies.

"Green-eyed lady, lovely lady
Strolling slowly towards the sun
Green-eyed lady, ocean lady
Soothing every raging wave that comes

Green-eyed lady, passion's lady
Dessed in love, she lives for life to be
Green-eyed lady feels life I never see
Setting suns and lonely lovers free

Green-eyed lady, wind-swept lady
Rules the night, the waves, the sand
Green-eyed lady, ocean lady
Child of nature, friend of man

Green-eyed lady, passion's lady
Dessed in love, she lives for life to be
Green-eyed lady feels life I never see
Setting suns and lonely lovers free"

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I am glad to see the Boeing in the 737 program and American Airlines take advantage of the of the environmental technology now with the current 737NG rather than wait for the 737 MAX to take advantage of the available improvements.


It's always terrific in my side to see what an old lady is able to hold on with a new competitiveness for more sustainable airfleet. I hopefully targets and challenge will be here in Farnsborough air show' 2012. A320Neo will be pleased to meet this new face-lifted honourable lady.

jayzefezeel (nicosia):

wow 737 green eyed lady love it

Richard Campbell (Nassau,Np,Bahamas.):

Hi Randy,
The 373-Max looks good on paper
but for boeing really to secure more orders the company as to make the 373-Max the best single aisle
airplane in the buiness.With a wrap around glass cockpit window this new looks
would also blow away and surprise a lot of airline customers.They would grabs or order them like crazy.

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