Flying at Farnborough

Earlier today, we officially announced that a 787 Dreamliner—decked out in Qatar Airways livery—will travel to the Farnborough Airshow. It won’t just be on static display. This airplane will take part in flying demonstrations on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the show.


The 787 for Qatar that will fly at Farnborough.

While Boeing hasn’t taken part in flying displays at air shows in quite a while, this opportunity at Farnborough allows as many people as possible to experience the gracefulness of the 787. The airplane will arrive in Farnborough on July 5. The following day, it will do a validation flight in advance of the air show.

Boeing Captains Mike Bryan and Randy Neville will fly the demonstration flights around 4pm each day that will last approximately 7 minutes—showing performance takeoff, the visual appeal of the airplane, and its quiet performance aspects.

In addition to Qatar’s 787, Korean Air will bring their 737-900ER with Boeing Sky Interior to Farnborough. It’s a great chance for us to show off the new interior that more and more customers are opting for—and will come standard in the new 737 MAX.


Korean Air’s 737-900ER sports the new Boeing Sky Interior.

Before heading to the air show myself, I’ll be in London next Tuesday to unveil our 2012 Current Market Outlook—our 20 year forecast for the aviation market. I look forward to sharing details of that with you next week.

Comments (6)

Noel (Mansfield,UK):

It's a shame that neither will be sticking around for the public days. Would be great to at least see them in the static display, if not flying.

Ian (Minster, Kent):

I think Farnborough think the Public Days are a bit of an inconvience as they don't make any money from it like the commercial side. Thats why we end with the MOD Package and a few add ons!

Frank van Vliet (The Netherlands):

I agree to Noel !! Would make it far more interesting to get to the show

Ken (Copenhagen, Denmark.):

Oh, what a shame they won't stay for the public weekend.... I was really looking forward to experience the 787...

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

With all that is available and offered in Boeing line, next week is going to be a good week. I am particularly interested in what the airlines have to say about the 737 Max.

Thomas Horstmann (Portland, Oregon):

Should roll the Dreamliner, like test pilot Tex Johnson did so many years ago in the early days of the 707. Now the would be interesting. :)

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