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SAO PAULO — I’m posting this journal entry from Brazil as we continue to take the 737 MAX message around the world. And even though we’re talking MAX on this trip, I wanted to start with a great photo shoot I did with a 747-8 Intercontinental model. The beautiful city of Sao Paulo made the perfect backdrop for our beautiful airplane.


Posing with a 747-8 on a helipad in Sao Paulo.


Don’t worry— I wouldn’t dare toss this beauty.

Back to the MAX, Latin America really underscores the potential for this airplane. The dynamics of this market have changed dramatically with about 80 percent of demand over the next two decades coming in the single-aisle segment. Today in alone, almost half of the capacity is provided by low cost carriers. That’s why we expect the 737 MAX to be a huge player here.

I’ll leave you with a photo from one of my favorite restaurants in Sao Paulo — the ever popular Fogo de Chao where I never leave hungry!


The guys at Fogo de Chao never let me down.

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Fabio Ferrari (Miami , FL):

Hello Randy,

Nice to see you in the city that I was born. I`m sure Boeing is going to sell a lot of the new 737 MAX in Brazil, specially considering Gol with a huge fleet of 737 NG. I hope also you can sell then to Azul and TAM .I`m also sure that the " picanhas" were very good at Fogo de Chao!

Joseph (Dallas):

Randy, I'm convinced you have the best job in the world! Always great to see you enjoying your time on the road. I know the 737Max will be a hit all over the globe.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Sir Arthur Cannon Doyle would analyse those photos, your smile and that airplane and write a news article off those alone. I will not speculate, but offer a deduction. Something big is happening in Brazil, its not the smile, or the skyline or the model firmly grasped in your hands. It must be the hand shake made with Boeing and Smart Latin American Companies who love to fly.
And oh, that prime rib cut is a traditional victory dinner for the winners. But I'm not saying, just deductive reasoning.

Malvina gasco (Florida):


I really enjoy reading all your posts, and appreciate that you get immerse with the culture
Of the different places you visit. I specially enjoy the food pictures, and having been to Brazil twice, I concur - Fogo de Chao es delicioso!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 737 MAX has massive potential with Brazil's expanding market of budget airlines and perhaps the flag carriers of other South American like Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN may also find interest.

Glen (Portland OR):


I enjoy reading your column. My late father worked for Alaska Airline most of my life and we lived in the Seattle area. I remember the SST painted on the side of the building at Boeing field. I also cut out the newspaper pictures of 747 maiden flight in 1969 and put them on my closet door. Glad to see Boeing is moving forward with the Dreamliner and the 737 Max. Keep up the good work!

kinbin (Taipei, Taiwan):

Brazilian BBQ at the Fogo De Chao ... nice.

I havent been back for the past several years but it is an amazing city.

One wonders if Boeing has plans for an extra long range aircraft that does Seoul-Sao Paulo point to point? It almost a 20 hour plane ride in two 10-hour legs.

Hmmm... Brand X has one such model (currently out of production) that would do a 17-hour non-stop (Singapore-LA).

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