Back to its roots

Our customer ANA is getting ready to bring the 787 Dreamliner back to its roots in the Seattle area. Earlier this week, the airline launched its new daily nonstop service from Seattle to Tokyo with a 777-300ER in order to accommodate the summer crowds. In October, ANA will transition that service to the 787. It’s just one more example of how the Dreamliner is opening up markets to our customers.


ANA’s 777-300ER gets a water cannon salute from the Port of Seattle’s Fire Department as the airline launched service between Seattle and Tokyo. (Leanna Robb photo)

During a traditional Japanese sake cask-breaking ceremony at Sea-Tac Airport, ANA executives were joined by Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and officials from the Port of Seattle. ANA’s flight will depart Seattle daily at 1:15 p.m. and arrive in Tokyo at 3:45 p.m. the next day.


The Kaze Daiko drummers of Seattle perform at ANA’s inaugural Seattle-Tokyo flight event at Sea-Tac Airport. (Leanna Robb photo)

ANA has taken delivery of 11 Dreamliners so far, with 44 still on order. And over the next few months, you’ll be seeing a flurry of 787 deliveries to more customers. Last month, the first 787 to go straight into pre-flight operations (Line 66) rolled out of the Everett factory where we completed final production work on the factory apron before moving the airplane to the flight line. That was a milestone for the program and production gets smoother almost every day. While it’s a busy time in Everett and North Charleston, we’re positioned well to get more and more airplanes into the hands of our customers.


One of ANA’s 787s.

Congratulations to ANA on launching their newest route—and here’s to seeing the 787 flying in and out of Sea-Tac very soon.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

It will be really awesome to see Ethiopian, Qatar, And Air India get into the mix around the world. ANA and JAL have done a marvelous job of exploiting the 787's great capabilities and reliability, at the pleasure of its customer's extreme satisfaction. If you include gaining the Air India approval for delivery, then we will have an exciting August and September. Running multiple paint shops for the 787 paints cast the world in a new light.

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

The arches on the 787 are really beautiful... They open up the space and create a friendly atmosphere... Along with a VIP-touch...

Are these impressive arches based on the composite materials of the 787 or can they be implemented on other airplanes, too, instead of severe walls?

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I am glad to see the large loads of tourists going from Tokyo to Seattle, more investment in the local economy. The 787 is the way to go for long flights to more cities, the possibilities are almost limitless on where the 787 can go and ANA and JAL have a lot of options on the newest Boeing plane as well as the 777-300ER.

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