Family Affair

Music is often a way to bring people together. And in this case, music—and one special airplane— brought an extended family together.


Norwegian’s Next-Generation 737-800 takes off from Boeing Field for Oslo. (Jim Anderson photo)

Many of you know that Norwegian Air Shuttle displays famous faces on the tail fins of its fleet. Following an online contest that saw more than 250,000 votes cast, a Next-Generation 737-800 delivered to Norwegian earlier this month now features an image of Geirr Tveitt, one of Norway’s composers who lived from 1908 to 1981.


Composer Geirr Tveitt is featured on Norwegian’s latest 737-800.

Tveitt’s family has roots in Washington State, where several relatives work for or are retired from Boeing. Some of them gathered on board the airplane before its delivery flight to Oslo.


Tveitt’s relatives are shown on board Norwegian’s 737-800 before it heads to Oslo. Clockwise from left are Ken Holland, retired Boeing employee; Curt Tveit; Ruby Holland; Doug Partington, Boeing Defense Space & Security; Nicole Partington and David Gaustad, Commercial Airplanes. (Colleen Pfeilschiefter photo)

“As a Boeing employee, our family takes great pride to see our relative featured on the tail of a 737,” said Doug Partington, manager, Airborne Warning Systems, Boeing Defense Space & Security, and a relative of Tveitt. “To also have the national airline recognize Geirr Tveitt’s contribution makes us all proud. What a great legacy to represent Norway.”

The family also has a connection with Norwegian Air Shuttle. Tveitt’s son-in-law, Poul Baekkevang, flew for the airline from 1976 until his retirement two years ago.

Congratulations to all involved with this family affair.

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Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I have always been a fan of individually designed airplanes in an airline, the application of historically important individuals to the tail of an aircraft is a great way to remember national historical figures.

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