Farnborough Finale for the 787

Day 3 of the Farnborough Airshow ended with the final performance of the 787 for Qatar Airways. My congratulations to our great Boeing pilots, Captains Mike Bryan and Randy Neville, for putting on 3 performances none of us will soon forget— and to the entire 787 team for building such an incredible product.


The 787 makes one final “touch and go” at the show.

Earlier in the day, we gathered for another sales announcement - this time with our customer Avolon. The leasing company made a commitment for 10 737 MAX 8s and 5 737 MAX 9s, as well as 10 737-800s. As the orders and commitments keep stacking up this week, the 737 MAX continues to grab all the headlines.


The 737 MAX in Avolon livery.

A little over a week ago, I was talking about the demand for 34,000 new commercial airplanes over the next two decades. Today, we released our Pilot and Technician Outlook that showed the need for 460,000 new commercial airline pilots and 601,000 new maintenance technicians over the same time period. That’s why we’re expanding our training technologies and the reach of our partnerships to develop a global flight school network to better supply aviation talent for the future.

I’ll wrap up today’s journal entry with a fun (perhaps cheesy) video I put together here on the grounds of Farnborough. Enjoy!

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Dan (Hanoi, Vietnam):

Beautiful shots, just like to say I love reading your blog and always look forward to your posts.

David S (New Orleans LA):

The only thing that could top the Farnborough Finale for the 787 would be if the food that Mr. Tinseth gets to eat globally is served while on board a 787.

neal (san anselmo ca):


you are doing a great job of engaging your customers' customers with your blogs and other social media stuff. As a frequent traveler in the U.S. and around the world, I spend lots of time in the sky. I am eager to fly on the 787 and hope that United's order of 50 start rolling off the line. I have been twice to the Boeing tour in Everett. Here's an idea. For those of us who fly and are really passionate, how about launching a club whereby we can get an even better tour than the public tour at the plant. Perhaps you could even offer some of the members trips to accompany the company to airshows etc.

Just an idea I know I would be a member.

Andrew Boydston (Boise,ID USA):

Dreams, Teams= Gleams at Farnborough. You said it right, Randy. The whole team brought forward, the dream from CAD to Tarmac. The whole world gets a glimpse of what the 787 is capable of being. The Team who made Dream, now watches the eyes and facial expressions and gleaming excitement of Qatar. Something, even Leahy, can not admit or comprehend as he briefly acknowledges, "Our A350 is bigger". That is the whine with your cheese. Enjoy the moment on a Job well done Randy. I am proud to be a Boeing fan.

Dave Anderson (Seattle):

Not cheesy enough, Randy. Now if you had covered those fries with a good British cheese, then it might qualify.

Brian (San Luis Obisop, CA):

Is Boeing going to announce any more 747-8 sales. I hear the Cargo business is on the rise and that even Turkish Airlines might be wanting to buy 15-17 747-8I's?

Scott Putnam (Redding, CA):

You crack me up!

PS A big congratulations on the United order!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Like Dodger Dogs at a Dodger game it would not be an air show without something good to eat and the fish and chips, that looks good. The fact that the 787 was the star of the show and that people where so impressed with it is certainly a reward for a job well done and in deed for developing the first totally new airliner for the 21st century job well done.

Charlie G (Maple Hills, WA):

I hope you are bringing home some of those tasty treats. The photos and the videos are just awesome. The Plans look great too!

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