Firsts at Farnborough

Day One of the Farnborough Airshow was a series of firsts—the first time our new CEO attended an air show in his new role, the first 737 MAX order from a leasing company, and the first time a Boeing 787 took part in the flying display.


The 787 takes part in its first ever flying display at an air show.

That flight of Qatar Airways’ 787 was the perfect end to a near perfect day for Boeing. The only thing missing was the sun that’s been shining on Seattle. After gray skies and the threat of rain all day— all eyes were on Mike Bryan as he took the airplane up for a short but exciting seven minute flight that included an unexpected touch and go. It was a great way to showcase what is truly one incredible airplane.


The 787 meets the V-22 during the flying display.

Earlier in the day, the 787 was part of an unveiling ceremony as Qatar’s CEO Akbar Al Baker and new Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner welcomed guests on board the airplane for the first time. It was a proud moment for us and our customer—and we can’t wait to see them put the airplane into service in the near future.


Checking out Qatar’s 787.


A full scale model of the 737 MAX Advanced Technology Winglet.

Our first order of the air show came at high noon when ALC became the first leasing company to order the 737 MAX. The order includes 60 737 MAX 8 and 15 737 MAX 9 airplanes. Of course, everyone is wondering what else we have on tap when it comes to orders. I’ll just say the week ain’t over til it’s over—so stay tuned!


ALC becomes the first leasing company to order the 737 MAX.

Comments (8)

Chris Cook////South Africa:

The Boeing 737 MAX Advanced Technology Winglet is truly spectacular! Beautiful.

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

The advanced technology wingtip model is impressive. It looks like there is more sweepback than in the renderings, and the upright winglets of the 737NG. The greater angle seems more intuitive, as the pressure pockets above and below the wing would be moving back past the trailing edge at the tip of the wing.

Vincent (Madison, WI):

Show pictures of the inside of the Qatar 787 please!! Also, are you bringing the 747-8 to Oshkosh this year?!!! And, are you coming too?!!! We have interesting food choices too!!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Love the second 787 pic, and that MAX winglet is quite awesome! Props for the ALC.

Eric (Seattle, WA. 98270):

A great vote of confidence, from someone who knows the value of a good airplane.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Quite a winglet and a distinct one too. Congrats to Boeing and ALC on being the first leasing company to land the first order for the 737 Max.

abdul kader (india):

I love dreamliner

George M (Long Island, NY):

1.) After all the frustraing development delays, it is so good to read all the accolades being bestowed upon the 787 by its operators. I hope that Boeing sells a bunch of them at Farnborough. When are we going to see the Dreamliner at JFK, LGA or ISP? I can't wait to see it up close.

2.) The new MAX Winglet looks awesome. Careful that the "other guys" don't rry to "borrow" THAT one too!

3.) After watching the A380 flying over my home on the approach to JFK for the last few years, I now understand the logic behind the name "Airbus"--the A380 has all the visual appeal of a flying bus. Sorry if it offends anyone, but that is one UGLY airplane.

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