London Calling

LONDON—After unveiling the 2012 Current Market Outlook, I’m spending the next few days in London in advance of the Farnborough Airshow. Earlier today, the 787 in Qatar Airways livery performed two validation flights as it gets ready to take part in the flying display at the show. Captains Mike Bryan and Randy Neville from Boeing wowed those gathered today.


What an amazing sight! The 787 takes part in a validation flight at Farnborough.


Those of you who follow this blog regularly know how much I love music. So I couldn’t pass up the chance to see the stage version of “Rock of Ages” at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre while I was in town. Imagine hearing 30 songs from the 80’s packed into a two and a half hour production. It was great fun.


A great trip back to the 80’s.

Before signing off today from London, some of you may be wondering about orders at the show. As I always say, this is really just one week out of 52. We don’t hold order announcements— as you can see from all the activity over the past few days with FedEx and Virgin Australia. But if our customers want— we’re more than happy to make announcements. Now, off to Farnborough!

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Brian (Everett, WA):


I saw the headline, and knew the Clash would be linked somewhere in your post...excellent version of a classic! Looking forward to your posts from Farnborough.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Every time I think I'm going just read and move on, you post photos as a tease, provoking me to comment. Really cool photos of Qatar's aircraft at Farnborough Air Show.

Chip Lewinthal (Washington, DC, USA):

I'm building in "Enthusiasts Day" on Friday, July 13th into my summer vacation. Can't wait to see my first Farnborough show, as well as get re-acquainted with London for a few days. Good luck at the show, Randy!

Mat (London):

Randy, in case you like Queen, try to get to 'We will rock you'. It is even better.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

One of the greatest exports from England, rock music. Rock of Ages should be on everyones agenda who is visiting London and loves rock music. English bands and rockers have great staying power.

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