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I wanted to share something pretty special that happened at our Everett factory earlier this week. Incredibly, Line No. 1,035 for both the 767 and 777 programs loaded into the final body join positions on Sunday night. This is the first time two production lines loaded the same line number on the same day.


767 with line No. 1,035 is loaded into final body join. Gail Hanusa photo.


777 with line No. 1,035 in the final body join position wears a saddle as the three main sections are joined. Gail Hanusa photo.

The 767 is a freighter that will be delivered to UPS, and the 777-300ER is for Qatar Airways. Both airplanes will be delivered in the coming months.

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James Baloun (Palo Alto, California):

...and in other news, the weather forecast for Everett is aluminum overcast.

Wow, just the wing area of 767 and 777 together add up to about 180 acres of aluminum in the air.

Robert (Orlando):

It is remarkable that the 777 has caught up and shows the popularity of this airplane. Both programs should be pleased with the numbers.

Ranadeep (Kolkata, India):

It's wounder to see that both incredible machines come together in production line. Nice view after all. Thanks to Share. Love you Boeing..

Peter Evans (Stoke-on-Trent. England ):

I love the 777 300er it's an amazing plane,
I love the looks & I love the Ge 90 engines,
I love flying on them,it's a credit to Boeing
& all who build it

Demetrio (Stockholm):

Very nice. Together born... I hope they will fly for long time...

Joe Hagan (St. George, UT ):

This is indeed a significant mile-stone for Boeing and for the aviation industry. Congratulations to every Boeing employee involved in this accomplishment - as well as many other remarkable achievements over the past many years.

stelio carlini junior (São Paulo Brazil ):

I love Boeing jetliners specially 767- and 777 and I wish Boeing producing 767 for long time yet.
Congratulations to all employees that may this happens .

Steve Beach (Amityville, NY GKN Aerospace):

Trying to figure out when the 787 will catch up with these two fine airframes. Perhaps around shipset 2,000 ?

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

The policy from the Boeing engineers to try to keep the belly of most the airplanes the nearest the ground the possible makes them accessible to most 2nd class airports. To compare the A300/310/330/340, the 787 is a big facilitator to the crews of small 2nd class airports that can't count with some equipment to access many parts of widebody airplanes.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

1,035th delivered passenger aircraft type off the assembly line, rare. The 1,035th 767 and 777 being constructed at the same time, ...priceless.

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