The Beat Goes On

I’ve been saying all week that the Farnborough Airshow ain’t over til it’s over. Proof of that came today with United’s order for 150 of our 737s, including 100 737 MAXs. While the announcement was made in Chicago instead of here at Farnborough, it capped an incredibly successful week—and helped us make history in the process.


737 MAX in United livery.

United’s order pushed the total orders for the world’s most popular airplane to more than 10,000—a milestone that every employee in Renton, past and present, can take pride in. I was privileged to take part in a photo shoot a few weeks ago outside our Renton factory as 737 employees formed a giant 10,000 in the parking lot. While no one knew exactly which airline would bring us to this milestone at the time, we’re thrilled that United can celebrate the moment with us. (Photos and video of employee event below).


Where’s Waldo? See if you can spot me in the photo.

Over the past week, customers have announced orders and commitments for 396 Boeing airplanes, valued at more than $37 billion. Our net orders for the year now stand at 691. Yes, the beat goes on.

While we’ve been successful this week, it’s still only one week out of 52. Our focus continues to be on ensuring that our production rate increases go smoothly, that we make the right decisions at the right time on product development, and making sure that we offer the best airplanes in the market. It’s exciting to see the great progress we’ve made on the 737 MAX when it comes to range and takeoff weight—and even more exciting to see the market respond to the airplane.

As I get ready to head back home from two weeks here in the U.K., I wanted to reflect on what this air show means to Boeing—and me personally. It’s still all about connecting with our customers and suppliers—and showcasing our products. Our thanks to Korean Air for bringing their beautiful 737 with the Boeing Sky Interior. And of course, thanks to the star attraction—the 787 for Qatar Airways. (Photos and video of flying display below).


The 787 in Qatar Airways livery departs from Farnborough.


Cheers to everyone at Farnborough for being a great host. See you back here in two years!

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Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

Although I am not American by birth, I am Brazilian, but I feel proud for being human and have the chance of being shared this wonderful moment. Who could state that the 737 would reach the production number of 10,00 by 20 years ago? My God! How this made me feel so happy!!!

Thank you, Randy!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

10,000 737s and growing fast, congrats on the milestone. I have projected for a long time that the 10K milestone production number was coming sooner rather than later. It is not to far off until the production of the 737 exceeds the production of another legend, the DC-3 at 10,926 units. I next great milestone and goal should be 12,000+ units sold, I don't think that is far off either.

Congrats to United on the 150 737s ordered.

Daniel K (Sydney, Australia):

Hi Randy,

Congratulations on Boeing reaching 10,000 total orders for the B737. Truly remarkable achievement!

Also really glad to hear that Boeing has successfully seen an upsurge in the number of B737 Max firm orders recently.

Really excited about seeing more 787s in the air and can't wait to see its other variants as well as the Max and future 777 aircraft.

Max Kingsley-Jones (UK):

Hi Randy

You'll enjoy this blog about Boeing flying air displays:

Congrats on the 737's 10k.


Chris Cook////South Africa (South Africa):

The super-efficient 787 Dreamliner is, without a shadow of doubt, the shape of aerodynamic perfection!

Cameron T. (Temecula, CA):

Simply amazing what Boeing has done, currently does, and will continue to do.. I can only imagine the amount of hard work and dedication it takes from all Boeing employees, across every front, to stay on top of the pack and consistently offer good products. Congrats on the HUGE 737 MAX order!

Hopefully I, too, can be part of the Boeing team one day, like many of my other family members! ;)

Daniel (Albany, NY):

Thank you Randy for doing an excellent job of keeping us up to date all week from Farnborough. Your coverage was easier to follow than watching the papers.

All in all I believe this was a tremendous show for Boeing and I also congratulate you on the United order. Wonderful achievement for the team in Renton.

Chris Cook (South Africa):

Congratulations on the 10,000th order for the venerable 737 family! I have no doubt that with the 737 MAX and continued improvements on the current NG, that by the time BCA launches an all-new replacement for the 737, all models combined would've sold near 20,000th.

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