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Now that we’re more than halfway through 2012, I thought it would be a good time to look at where things stand. This week, our total net orders for the year hit 700. It’s a great spot for us to be in as we continue our push to turn 737 MAX commitments into orders.

Just today, SilkAir committed to buy 31 737 MAXs and 23 Next-Generation 737-800s. The airline is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines. When it becomes official, the order will be the largest in SilkAir’s history.


A 737 MAX in SilkAir livery.

In a news release, SilkAir Chief Executive Marvin Tan said the new airplanes will help maintain the airline’s annual double-digit percentage growth rates through the end of this decade and beyond.

“The selection of the B737 follows detailed evaluations and extensive negotiations with both Airbus and Boeing. The order will enable us to maintain a young and modern fleet, with an aircraft that has a proven track record of strong customer appeal, excellent reliability and low operating costs.”

We thank SilkAir for their confidence in our products and look forward to partnering with them as they grow their fleet for the future.

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Adam (Tomahawk, WI):


For an MBA course, our class was asked to track an executive's blog and site the blog's effectiveness. After following your blog for the last 7 weeks, I found your submittals to be effective and value-added. They support the business and more importantly, place Boeing's customers front and center.

I'm curious if you have realized any value from your journal? If you had the time, I would be interested.

It is good to see an American manufacturer succeeding in the U.S. at this day in age!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats to Silk Air and Boeing for the 737 order. The range of the 737 MAX will help Silk Air expand to more cities.

Yves (Issaquah, Wash):

Nice work in landing the deal with Silk. Let's keep it up!

Daniel K (Sydney, Australia):

Hi Randy,

Great to hear an all airbus airline choose to order the b737ng and max.

I'm also quietly waiting on Our flag carrier here in Australia QANTAS order the Max as they currently have a fleet of B737NGs.

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