Heart of Gold

As the Olympics roll on in London, I’m happy to report that Boeing is taking home some gold, silver and bronze of its own. For the fifth year in a row, the 777 has won the Gold Award for the Best Aircraft in Executive Travel magazine’s annual readers’ poll.

The 747 took second place with the Silver Award. And for the first time, the 787 Dreamliner made the list by winning the Bronze Award.

The clean sweep for Boeing airplanes is especially sweet since these awards are voted on by the traveling public. We spend a lot of time and attention to make sure the flying experience is as comfortable and satisfying as possible. It’s good to know the people who fly the most say we’re getting it right.

Congratulations to our 777, 747 and 787 teams for making the best airplanes for our customers—and everyone who loves to travel.

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Not to throw rain on your parade, but isn't Executive Travel magazine’s readers mostly Americans?

Ayoola Olaolu (Nigeria):

It's an inevitable truth that Boeing is the leading Aerospace Company, priding herself in the resounding success of it's commercial airplanes, which undoubtedly has to rank FIRST, and nothing else...KUDOS to you guys, you are a symbol of pride for every Aerospace-Loving student like myself..I'm proud to have known you, and anticipate to work with you in the soonest future...(Aero Engr)

Mike (The city of the 2012 Olympic Games):

So Boeing aircrafts won a poll of an US magazine ... that comes as a big surprise ;-)
However an even bigger surprise is, that London Heathrow won the category best international airport.

Tom McAvennie (London):

Randy, I guess if I selected a European magazine, that could well give the awards to the A380, A330 and A318. You really do yourself a disservice by providing data from a US Magazine, heavily biased to the US marketplace.

I think its fair to say that the 787 has hardly had enough time in service (nor enough operators) to make such an award credible. Unlike the vast majority of your blogs this latest one lacks credibility.

Le bon vivant (Johannesburg):

Hi all, Congratulation to Boeing once again.
These aircrafts are indeed legendary.The 777 has revolutionazed Long distance travel with its unmatched range, the 747 revolutionized mass travel,and the 787 has taken confort,efficiency a whole new level.

Last time I checked the poll,Emirates took Gold for the Best International Airline Airport Lounges.
Best Flight Experience To Asia went to Singapore Airlines.
Strangely enough no one dismisses these as lacking credibility or as an irrelevant american opinion.
I don't think any of these airlines will dismiss these award because the voters were mostly americains.
If in Europe the A318 is the best airplaine so let it be,it's an european opinion.

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