"Worth the wait"

It was a party-like atmosphere in Everett today as United officially unveiled its new 787 to employees and the media. United’s Senior Vice President for Sales Dave Hilfman summed it up best— “The 787 was worth the wait.”

United even invited one of its very frequent fliers to the event. Dave Dawe told the crowd “I’ll travel thousands of miles out of my way to get on the Dreamliner.”

I want to share some photos from today’s event— including a surprise appearance by the Dreamlifter— and once again congratulate our long-time partner United on a day that made us all proud.


Starting off the big celebration. Gail Hanusa photo.


A United family photo — employees and retirees celebrate their Dreamliner.


United flight attendants pose in front of the 787.


The Dreamlifter makes a surprise appearance during United’s event. Gail Hanusa photo.


United frequent flier Dave Dawe talks up the 787. Gail Hanusa photo.


BusinessFirst in United’s 787.


Economy Plus.


Looking forward to delivery set for September!

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Emil (St Louis):

So happy for United and its employees and I can't wait to book a ticket for the 787. It looks very striking.


Randy, I know the customer is always right, but why is 9-abrest seating even an option? (Or 10-abrest on the 777). It dilutes your brand name that the 787 is supposed to be a great flying experience, and then suddenly the coach passengers have substantially less space than they did on the last generation of aircraft!

David S (New Orleans, LA):

The 787 does live up to that name painted on her side.

Caterina Antillon (Boulder, CO):

it's a magnificent flying machine ..... I had the pleasure to visit the 787 prototype in Charleston SC, three or four years ago, it's been awhile.. It was designed to become the first production composite airliner, with the fuselage assembled in one-piece composite barrel sections. A great experience for me ... Now is time to get on board and fly on it somewhere over the rainbow.... Boeing, I am so happy to know the #1 delivery has happened....I met many that have contributed their dedication working overtime non stop on this project in SC ...... one of the ones that was a big part of this is one of my family members....WAY TO GO BOEING .....Wish you great future in taking us to a better way to fly.... xoxo Cate ......

Hassan Wajid (San Francisco, CA):

As a United intern, it makes me proud.

Andy Dream)Lining (Boise,ID):

That front shot of the first row in Economy Plus, shows a very comfortable perspective across the seats. Even though there is additional leg space just on that row. The view gives you what possibilities exists for your personal space. I am a plus sized passenger and I could fit in that space pretty well while adding all the creature comforts offered on the 787's( 31" Pitch and 18.3 width). Compared to the 737 31" Pitch and 17"width", of which I fit in on a 737 okay at 290 lbs flying across country for 4 hours. Plus the 787 has increased window space shaping as it does not slope into your shoulder, sitting in the window seat space as on other aircraft(737). The ceiling is so much higher, causing the over-all affect of roominess for your space to be quite comfortable. Being a big guy like me, its important not to feel Sardine'd in on row 30. during a 10 hour flight, but the center section seating on the United 787, would be quite comfortable for watching movies, eating and sleeping/+talking while going to The Orient.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

September is only a month away! Congrats to United being the first American airline to fly the 787, the passengers will be in for a flying experience in the Dreamliner that does not compare to any other airliner today.

James (SB, CA):

I agree with Dan. The 787 may be a technological marvel, but with 9 abreast seating in economy class, I don't see where the improvement in passenger comfort is. The "mood" lighting, higher cabin pressurization, and higher humidity levels might make up for the narrow economy seats... very disappointing.

Patrick McArdle (Boeing Field, Seattle):

That's a fine looking airplane, and I'm glad to see it going to one of our fine customers. No picture can capture how smooth and pleasant a ride the 787 gives. I've had the pleasure of making many multiple-hour test flights on Dreamliners (although not aboard the one pictured), and I'll repeat what we in Flight Test have been saying for awhile now: "Once you fly aboard a Dreamliner, you won't want to fly on anything else." Good luck to United with their first 787 airplane!

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