Bash for "Brandenburg"

Lufthansa’s 747-8 Intercontinental was the star of the show today as the ILA Berlin Air Show kicked off. The media turned out in force to capture this beautiful airplane.


Lufthansa’s 747-8 Intercontinental arrives at the ILA Berlin Air Show.


Dozens of photographers try to get the best angle.

Today was also the official naming ceremony for the airplane. It was christened “Brandenburg” by Minister President Matthias Platzeck of the Federal State of Brandenburg. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Lufthansa CEO Dr. Christoph Franz, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Philip Murphy and Marlin Dailey, President Boeing Germany, Northern Europe, EU, Africa were also on hand for this special day.


Dignitaries gather for the naming ceremony.


Making it official with a christening.

We’re getting very positive feedback from Lufthansa about the airplane. Just a few weeks ago, the airline invited reporters to Washington, DC—the launch destination of their entry into service route from Frankfurt—to get an update on how their Intercontinentals have been performing after about 100 days in service.

“The airplane is performing beautifully and we went through a very smooth introduction into service,” said Helmuth Schabel, Lufthansa Regional Director Operations & Airport Services. “We also have been receiving extremely positive reviews and comments from our guests.”

We’ve now delivered 28 of our new 747-8s. In addition to the three Intercontinentals for Lufthansa, we’ve also delivered 21 747-8 Freighters and four BBJ 747-8 Intercontinentals. This is great momentum for the program—and even better news for our customers. I’ll leave you with a link to a truly incredible view of the 747-8 at the Berlin Air Show, as seen from the air.

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Tim (Mendocino County, Calif.):

What a beautiful plane! I want to fly in one. Funny how Lufthansa still sports such staid livery.

Chris Cook (South Africa):

The efficient 747-8 is, without a doubt, a truly elegant and phenomenal airplane indeed, period.

Just a pity that the markets have been so harsh that's resulted in very sluggish sales for the -8. The last recorded firm orders were back in July 2011 for both variants, so that's now gusting 14 months since a new firm order.

I sincerely hope there'll be more orders soon as this aircraft is certainly a magnificent machine with stellar performance and capabilities.

Laura (Denver):

I still think white is the most impressive color on this plane, my favorite of all time. Just gorgeous!!

Rob (Vancouver, Canada):

Will cast my vote with Laura from Denver on the colour of the plane. Have always liked the colour scheme on Lufthansa. Makes the 747-8i even more impressive to look at.

Wish our national carrier Air Canada kept the white instead of the blotted green look it has now. Not the worst colour scheme on a plane but have seen better.

Maybe the readers can voice their opinions for the best and worst livery.


I truly believe that the 747 dash 8 is a masterful aircraft. Boeing's innovation and Lufthansa Airlines superiority are at one. I hope to fly in this amazing new 747 (as I have experienced all the series therein...yes even the 747SP). I am certain that appart from great looks this 747 enhances fuel economy, accomplishes the inner space efficiently, and maximizes on overall load capacity. Once again, I can't wait to fly in this lovely, new 747.

Alexander Montagu (USA):

God Bless Boeing the greatest the best and safest aircraft company and aviation company in the world

Chris Cook (South Africa):

Congrats on the Air China 747-8I order that's now firm!

Michael Kowalski (Anchorage Alaska):

I see the freighters all the time at the ANC airport where i work

Scratch (AK, USA):

Any confirmations from LF on economics versus the A380? I used to hear 3% per seat cost advantage for the A380. Is this turning out to be the case? Sounds like the -8I has another 2% or so improvement in it when the PiP occurs on the GEnx next year. True?

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The very positive feedback is something that cannot be bought. I am glad that Lufthansa will fly the 747-8 to where I live. Hopefully the success of the 747-8 in its reliability and performance will inspire new orders in the future.

Earl L (Everett):

If its not Boeing, I'm not going.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

That's beautiful. As with the Brandenburg Gate, so this aircraft, connects East and West, India and the United States, respectively.

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