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From Glasgow, Montana all the way to Washington, DC, our ecoDemonstrator for American Airlines continues to turn heads. The airplane, a 737-800, has been going through flight testing in Montana over the past few weeks. Tuesday, it was shown off at Reagan National Airport to government officials, media and the FAA.


The ecoDemonstrator for American Airlines on display at Reagan Airport.

It’s worth noting the airplane flew into DC on biofuel made from used cooking oil. It even has a recyclable carpet! Inside the flight deck, pilots will use an iPad that comes with new apps from Jeppesen allowing them to download real-time weather data and help chart the most efficient route.


During its time in Glasgow, the ecoDemonstrator conducted tests to show off its fuel conservation and noise reduction technologies—two priorities for the aviation industry. Other testing involves variable area fan nozzles, active engine vibration reduction and a regenerative fuel cell.


Inside the ecoDemonstrator.

American Airlines is loaning the airplane to Boeing to serve as the testbed for all these great technologies. Even though it doesn’t have many seats right now due to all the test equipment, we’ll deliver the airplane to them in a standard configuration later this year.

The FAA program CLEEN (Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise) provided funding for the adaptive trailing edge on the airplane and some of the costs associated with flight testing. We look forward to working with the FAA again next year when a twin-aisle airplane will serve as the testbed for a new set of environmental technologies. It’s not that easy being green, but it’s worth it!


Gorgeous photo of the ecoDemonstrator and the Washington Monument.

Congrats to everyone involved in this incredibly important venture. You can also check out a video on the ecoDemonstrator flight tests at this link.

Comments (3)

Troy (Arlington, Virginia):

Almost as nice as the photo of the 787 flying past the monument. Keep bringing these beauties to the beltway.

Anonymous (Philippines):

i like that aircraft how i wish that aircraft landed here in davao international airport.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Nice to see Boeing and American Airlines lead in being green. It's not always easy being green in the glare of many doubters of green technology but energy sustainability is a worthy goal.

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