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When I noticed that the 737-900ER was sitting at 499 orders a couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about what a great success story this airplane is. Now that we’ve officially passed the 500 mark, I wanted to share my thoughts on what makes it so wildly popular.


500 and counting. The 737-900ER hits an impressive milestone with over 500 orders.

When you look at the single aisle market, there’s no doubt the 737-800 and future 737 MAX 8 are at the heart of it. But over the past two years, we’ve seen a surge of orders for the 737-900ER—as well as strong interest in the future 737 MAX 9. It’s something we call “up-gauging”, as airlines focus on becoming more efficient and reducing their costs.

Some recent big orders for the airplane came from United (50), Delta (100) and Lion Air (29). And when customers buy this airplane, they can’t help but come back for more. Almost half of our 737-900ER customers around the globe have placed additional orders for the airplane. When you take a closer look at how the 900ER stacks up against the competition—it’s easy to see why they want more.


Compared to the A321, the 737-900ER has an 8 percent lower trip cost and 6 percent lower per seat-mile cost. And while the airplane serves as our replacement for the 757, it’s also building a great foundation for the new 737 MAX 9.

So congratulations to our team in Renton for building an airplane that’s positioned our customers and our company in a sweet spot.


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Jerry Skovie (Naperville, IL USA):

I've always been a huge fan of the 757. But to see this new plane as its replacement eases my broken heart.

V V (Montréal, Québec):

I also noticed the trend and posted an entry in my blog (click here) .

It is interesting to note that the 737-7 (MAX) entry into service is planned only in 2019. Obviously, your priority is on the -8 and -9.

Scratch (AK, USA):

I think the point being made about upsizing is further reenforced by the Boyd Aviation blog from September 4, 2012.

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

Now the child from the union of the 707 with the 727, the 737, became a big guy like his brother 757.

Please try to post exclusive videos of the Flying Mahal (Air India 787).

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on 500 737-900ERs and the many more coming. From the lions share of 737-900ER orders from Delta, United and Lion Air it would be interesting to see Southwest and Gol Air Transport and Air Berlin make some orders.

Ryan Doherty (Donegal Ireland):

The Boeing 737 to me a master piece and its an fantastic and loyal aircraft to the world. I love the way it looks and the way it flies. I've flown on many of 737's and I can't fault them. The 737 made history and the story is still continuing with the new 737 Max. I have flown on the 757 that British Airways owned and it was magnificent aircraft and it was a lovely aircraft to fly but sadly BA retired them but the 757 will always continue on and also they are still in the skies serving the world and will always do. Boeing you are a treasure and I wish the 737 Max all the best. When ever I start my dream which is to start my own airline I will contact you's..

João Freitas (Lisbon, Portugal):

Didn't know the 737-900ER was meant to serve as the replacement for the 757. I thought the Dreamliner was to replace both the 757 and 767 but it was nice to have a look at the specs of this aircraft and see that in can carry more than 200 passengers with great confort (for sure)!

Kinbin (Taipei, Taiwan):

With 739ER launch customer Lion Air going to take a swipe at the turf of Air Asia operating A320 aircraft by setting up an subsidiary airline in the nation of Malaysia, its high time to give definitive answers to the billion dollar question of "who's got the lower operating costs?"

By giving the Lion bragging right, that outta make your sales pitch sweeter in the years ahead.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Little bit of a trip down memory lane:

More passengers, more range, no more X

RICHARD CAMPBELL (Nassau ,Np,,Bahamas):

Anyone running an airline should sit down and look a ways in-which they can make more money without paying more for fuel .the 737-900er fits that bil.if i was incharge of any airline company i would order this aircraft.

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