Taking shape

The 787-9 is one giant step closer to reality. Major assembly on the first airplane is now underway. Things kicked off on time when Boeing partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries began installing passenger door frames in the forward midbody fuselage.

When complete, that section will hitch a ride on the Dreamlifter to North Charleston where the Boeing South Carolina team will integrate it with other 787 structures. Final assembly will take place in Everett in 2013. First flight of the 787-9 is still set for 2013 and first delivery in 2014.


The 787-9 is the second member of the 787 family. At 20 feet longer than the 787-8, the 787-9 will carry 16 percent more passengers up to 8,500 nautical miles (15,750 km).

Reaching this milestone is a significant step for the program—and making it happen on schedule is even more impressive. I can’t wait to see this airplane in the skies very soon.

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Rex (Tacoma, WA):

Fantastic news! The -9 looks like a beauty.

Rex (New Zealand):

Great to hear Randy, can't wait to see it with a koru on the tail.

Vincent (India):

It is amazing design. It is great to watch the second member of 787 family aircraft in the sky

Toshioboy (Portland OR):

She is one beautiful lady! Congratulations to Boeing.

Thomas Horstmann, Jr. (Portland, Oregon):

FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see the 787-9 take to the sky next year... thanks for the update Randy.

leopardrone99 (LA,CA):

I read something interesting on the flightglobal website .Notice that "Boeing chief executive Jim McNerney has said the airframer could seek internal launch approval for the 787-10X by end-2012 or early-2013". It would be pleasure for the customers of 787 if it is true.But the emergency thing for Boeing is currently that Could Boeing give the specific time for launching 777X? Some major customers of 777 have turned to AB350-1000,and there will be more customers turn to it if Boeing hesitate to do something.Do you Boeing want to take another case of AB320NEO??

Varun G. (Chicago IL USA):

Congrats to yourself, Boeing suppliers and the Boeing company for this HUGE milestone. It is great to see this program make big steps towards fist flight and service with the airlines.

Quick question, Randy, just to address the question, asked on youtube by trip reporter sfflyer123, is it called thrust reverser, or reverse thruster, or are they interchangeable?

Well anyway, great job Boeing, and continue to have a prosperous future.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 787-9 would be a great successor to the 767-300 and A330 models with a phenomenal range close to the 777-200LR. Weather LA to London or New York to Shanghai or even not so far, Paris to Boston the 787-9 is a real game changer.

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