The Divine Miss M

It seems music stars and Boeing go hand in hand these days. Just a few weeks after Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson paid a visit to the 747-8 simulator near our Renton factory, Bette Midler took a tour of Boeing South Carolina last Thursday.


Bette Midler poses with 2nd shift flight line teammates at Boeing South Carolina.

The entertainer’s tour included aft fabrication and assembly, midbody assembly and integration, final assembly and our delivery center. All along the way, Boeing South Carolina employees got the chance to say hello to the Divine Miss M and welcome her to North Charleston. I’m told she was very impressed with the site’s focus on environmental responsibility, as well as the environmental benefits of the 787 Dreamliner.

After she left, Bette sent out a tweet saying it was a great experience with great folks making a great product. We couldn’t agree more Bette! Thanks for paying a visit to Boeing—or as Bette might say—Company B.

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Gary (Boise):

Not very often that you get a visit from a legend. I know the team in South Carolina is smiling. A nice touch on the music link Randy.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

A very nice surprise to see a celebrity, a prominent one in the figure of the one and only Bette Midler at the Boeing factory in Charleston SC. I am also reminded of the appearance of actress June Lockhart at the Space Shuttle Endeavour reception ceremony in Las Angeles a few days age. Is goes to show you never know who, famous is an aviation enthusiast.

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