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It’s not very often that you can celebrate the anniversary of a new airplane’s first delivery and entry into service on the same day. But that’s exactly what the 747 program is doing today. One year ago, we delivered the first 747-8 Freighter to Cargolux. Later that same day, Cargolux flew the airplane to Sea-Tac Airport and immediately put it into service with a full load of cargo.


Cargolux Interim President and CEO Richard Forson said it best: “I am happy to say that the 747-8 freighter is proving its worth…I believe this aircraft is in a class of its own and will continue to play a pivotal role in the air freight industry for decades to come.”

Since October 12, 2011, we’ve seen many milestones. The Freighter is now being flown with six more liveries— and continues to meet or exceed expectations in service reliability, fuel burn, and payload capacity. We’ve delivered 30 747-8 airplanes to date, including 23 Freighters and 7 Intercontinentals. The airplanes have served more than 80 airports around the world.

Congratulations to the 747-8 team for an anniversary we can all be proud of. Here’s a photo gallery showing the rest of the Freighter fleet.







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othmar brunner (Vancouver Canada):

the Boeing 747 is the most beautiful plane that ever has or ever will fly the skies.........

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

It's an amazing aircraft, its strength - all 130 odd tonnes - will carry it through these tough economic times.

Justin Ng (Kota Kinabalu Borneo Malaysia):

This awesome plane continues to move people and airfreight around the world for a least another 25years. Well done Boeing!

Bob Jo (Frankfurt, Germany):

It is still very surprising to me how Boeing continues to improve the big Boeing when to me, there's nothing left to improve!

Alejandro Valente Perez (Cd.of Mexico):

!What a plane Man!Beatiful!

Richard (New South Wales):

Happy anniversary !

I agree with Othmar.

I was asked on Friday what my favourite plane is.

Unlike difficult questions such as my favourite food or song, my favourite plane is easy: 747.

I was lucky to be recently given a guided tour of a 747-8F.

I was impressed by the:
- noticeably longer (5 meter) fuselage
- ultra-smooth wing-body fairings
- GE-NX engines
- wingtips
- LED (instead of bulb) wing lights
- standard leather seats passenger seats on the upper deck
- interesting cargo: you never know what you will see flying by 747: pandas, gorillas, valuable paintings, horses, hovercrafts...

Boeing aircraft are getting better and better !
Feels very solid and safe.
Bob, There's always something to improve.
Keep improving and thanks for this interesting blog !

Raul Mayer (Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada):

Boeing747 is amazing.I'm proud to have here in Winnipeg one of Boeing factory.Well done Boeing!

Rubens Takemassa Sirax (Sao Paulo, Brazil):

The first time I went aboard the 747 was in 1978, on an American Airlines non-stop flight from NYC to Los Angeles... I'm glad to see that the iconic 747 has now a "second life" and that we will see her majestically flying over the skies for the decades to come!
Congratulations, Boeing!

philip g allen (st. louis M0):

it's fore and side loading give's it better than a lead by nose advantage over the potential of the A-380.

Pablo Fernandez (La Paz, Bolivia):

I hope it takes all over the world! It's just beautiful

Suthan (Toronto, Canada):

Boeing is an amazing aircraft builder. I love its three new fleets 777,7e7 & 747-800. GEnx-2B67 engine is an amazing power plant for 747-800.

I always wanted to work with Boeing team. I'm trying my best to joint its team soon. One day i'll give my contribution to its upcoming innovation.

Global Aircraft Assembly (Rancho Dominguez, CA):

The 747 is one of my favorite airplane.I'm proud to put parts together for this amazing airplane.

Congratulations, Boeing!

Moses (Nairobi, Kenya):

Congratulations to the Boeing team

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Boeing is far and away the leader in freighter aircraft and airlines know where to go when they need the heavy haulers like the 747-8 and the 777 freighter.

Peter Wyeth ( Cornwall England):

Totally agree with Suthan, I have been lucky to have flown in all Boing aircraft(missed the 727)but looking forward to flying Dreamliner and the Queen of the skies the big "8" next year. Beats the Airbus a380 "cattle carrier" any day.

Boeing 747 lover (ROCHESTER, UK):

The Boeing 747, is the Queen of the skies, period. It is not a "Air"bus of the skies

casper steenkamp (RSA Krugersdorp):

Words can't describe the beauty this aircraft holds in the sky.Airbus still has a long way to go.Absolutely love the wing tips.

Chris Ruiz (Monterrey, Mexico):

I've been to the 747 plant in Everret. Love those green windowless airplanes. Go Boeing, Go!

Odetto Lastra (Union City, new Jersey 07087 U.S.A.):

Viva Boeing the best company in the world, all model are Super comfortable and they are a dream to fly with.
I can not wait to fly the 787 and the Super 747-8., I can imagine it will be an experience.
I had flown around the world many times and for me there is a pleasure every time I fly airplanes built by BOEING.

Chuba (California):

In my entire life (I am in my fifties), I have flown only six times, and on each occasion, it was in a 747.

747 QA JOINS/SYSTEMS / FINAL A////Everett, WA:

Team Effort - Well Done!
747-8... one beautiful lady of the skies

Bod (Doha):

These aircrafts are wonderful machines. It’s a testament to the men and women at Boeing who have designed and built them. Well done

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

I would love to see BA, ANA, Cathay liveries on the passenger versions as well.

Chris (Edmonton Canada):

I just flew on a 747 400 with Air Pacific last week. It was an older bird inside but the grace and style that makes it beautiful was shining. It is and always will be the most iconic handsome aircraft ever built.

Daniel Gonzalezrubio (Barranquilla-Atlantico, Colombia):

I Knew Boeing 747 From Joe Sutter began with PAN AM, he was the father of the 747 aircraft, the first Boeing 747/100, it cost was 525 millions dollars, it was in the 50 anniversay of Boeing Company.
Boeing 747 is the Queen of the skies.

Ralph Boyes (Senoia, Georgia, USA):

Your predictions about the year of MAX were right on.
The MAX will out do its competiter in every way possible. The main competition to the 747 is the 777-F and 777-300ER. However when other airlines see all the profit rolling in for the airlines (ie Lufthansa and all the freight carriers) orders will start to pick up. When it comes to commercial aircraft, Boeing is head and shoulders above anybody else. Buddy Holly said it best, "And the rest is Rock'N'Roll".

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