Double vision

I obviously see a lot of Boeing airplanes while on business travel. But I wasn’t expecting to have double vision during a visit to Wichita last week.


Two Dreamlifters in Wichita.

I managed to snap a photo of not one, but two Dreamlifters on the ground in Wichita. I was there to visit our partners at Spirit, which produces the fuselage, pylons, and moveable and fixed leading edge for the 787. It just goes to show you that our fleet of four Dreamlifters is always on the move— sometimes ending up in the same place at the same time.

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Andy Oxenreider (Redwood City, CA):

I have a picture (not nearly as good as this!) with three of the four Dreamlifters flying in the same frame. ...although, that WAS at Renton, just after the runway was reopened from repaving work.

Dwayne Lahnert (Charleston SC):

I have seen three on the ground here in Charleston. They are truly amazing to look at it was so cool to get a triple take.

Kinbin (Taipei, Taiwan):

With a cargo hold 3 times the size of a regular 747, it is cavernous.

I had the pleasure (and pain during the actual mod process) to witness the engineering prowess of Boeing, and participate in the execution of the mod at Evergreen - EGAT in Taiwan (not a sweatshop in China either).

Currently the EGAT facility is hosting one such LCF (N249BA) undergoing maintenance.


Norman (Long Beach, CA):

They are truly giant planes, I can't imagine any other place in the world with this kind of deep and cavernous interior.

Sam (Wichita, Kansas):

Awful big targets for those Kansas tornadoes. I'm really happy they were not there when the F3 went through! Amazing airplanes carrying amazing airplanes.

Lara Rae (Charleston):

I've seen them up close and open at Family Day in Everett a few years back and they are definitely something to remember

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