First flight for LOT's first 787

I always enjoy sharing photos and video of our customer milestones. So here’s a look at the first flight of LOT’s first 787. The airplane’s livery looked beautiful during the flight out of Everett last week. LOT Polish Airlines will be the first European carrier to operate the Dreamliner and is scheduled to take delivery of their first airplane next month. We can’t wait to celebrate with them. We’ve added video to the end of this post.


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Jeroen S (Heeze, the Netherlands):

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful aircraft.

Michal Sosinski (Chicago, IL USA):

I can't wait to fly it to Europe!

Greg (San Jose, CA):

Hope someone from LOT or Poland makes a comment or two...

Kevin Ramos (Guatemala city):

beautiful plane! can't wait to fly in one of this aircraft's!

Richard M (New South Wales):

a WHOLE LOT OF LOVEly Dreamliners are changing the game !

Kasia (Kraków, Poland):

Poland is waiting for you. Our pride!!

Willis Ronald Linn (Shirleysburg, Pa. USA):

This airplane seems to be alive, the wings give it a look as if it could just hover like a gull. The interior looks ultra modern and comfortable. Nice work Boeing!

Czarek (Warszawa,Poland):

Amazing aircraft , and it looks just great! LOT Polish Airlines a company established in 1929 now with the world's most advanced commercial liner in the year 2012.Thanks Boeing!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

LOT 787: First in Europe. Congrats to Boeing and LOT. I like LOTs revised livery.

Mostafa M (Rancho Cucamonga, California (USA):

What a beautiful airplane! Great job to team Boeing, I love this magnificent airplane so much, cant wait to fly on one some day God Willing. I'm glad to hear that there are over 700 orders for the 787 Dreamliner. Hard work, creative thinking, sophisticated and complex design, paid off for the Boeing company, keep it up folks, keep it up.

JJ Kilham (Virginia, USA):

This seems extra-special to me, because of my Polish heritage and that my first flight ever was aboard a '70s beauty, a LOT IL-62 to Warsaw. 'So glad to see LOT buy the '787, a game-changer beyond looks. Saw it at Oshkosh - we just had to listen real close to hear it leave!

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