Fun with numbers

What’s in a number? When that number involves something at our Renton factory, the answer is quite a lot.


The number 4238 on the 737 fuselage pictured above is significant because it will eventually become the 7370th 737 built in Renton. The number is almost mind boggling. In fact, it was just 10 months ago that we were talking about the 7000th 737 being delivered.


Congrats to everyone in Renton for reaching the very fitting 7370 mark.

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Jon (Seattle, WA):

What would be even cooler is if 7377 happened to be a -700, 7378 an -800, and 7379 a -900.

Thanks Randy!

Nick (London):

Randy, what is link between the 4238 and the 7370?

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Nick,

When the Next-Generation 737s began building, they started from zero. So #4238 means it is the 4,238th Next-Generation 737 being built.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I wonder if the 9,999th 737 will get any recognition like the 10,000th 737 will get off the line?

Jay (Renton):

There were 3,133 737 'classics' built. Now, with this fuselage, we are about to begin assembling the 4,238 Next-Generation 737. Ergo, 7,370 737s in total.

Jack Peek (portland oregon):

Back in the early 60's I worked at R-3470 (I THINK) on the flightline....727-100 and the first -200(I THINK) A very happy time in my life, working there, getting them ready for first flight...standing there watching your "bird" FLY for the first time...I was 20 yrs old.

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