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When you look at the size of a 777, it’s almost hard to believe that our team in Everett can build seven of them in a single month. So imagine going even higher! A lot of planning went into another great feat today— as we started building the first 777 at the increased rate of 8.3 airplanes per month (100 per year). The first part, the lower lobe of the aft fuselage, was loaded into position this morning.


Flex-track drilling machines will help the program go up to the 8.3 rate. Bob Ferguson photo.

Thanks to people power and new technologies, we’re increasing our 777 production rate to the highest ever for a Boeing twin-aisle airplane. We’ve hired and trained hundreds of new employees to reach this production level. We’ve also incoporated automated spray-painting equipment and flex-track drilling machines to improve quality and safety.


Bob Ferguson photo.

With more than 300 777s in our backlog, the rate hike is necessary to make sure we get this wildly popular airplane into the hands of our customers as soon as possible.


This new crane will lift and carry up to 40 tons of 777 parts and sections. Ed Turner photo.

The first airplane at the new rate, a 777 Freighter, will be delivered to Korean Air. It’s the second piece of great news the 777 program has received this week. Yesterday, Turkish Airlines announced a commitment to order 15 777-300ERs. I know the entire team looks forward to staying busy for many years to come. Enjoy the video below that takes a closer look at how 777 employees play a key role in our rate hike.

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Peter (los angeles):

I like everything about aeroplanes, especially Boeing aircrafts so just keep up the Great things that are happening@ Boeing !!!!

Richard M (New South Wales):

Your planes keep lifting me Higher and Higher
Than I've ever been lifted before
So keep it up...

Moses Macheme (Nairobi, Kenya):

Congratulations. Luv 777s

Rodney Marinkovic (Kraljevo Serbia / Sydney Australia):

Impressive, exaltation of people of BOEING. The know
how to leading and set a standard in comercial aviation proticulary. Once leader, allwas Leader!
Boeing is that.
So luckie me to have visited Boeing assembly plant at Everret about ten years before.
Greeting from Rodney Marinkovic,Aircraft Mechanical Enginer (ret.) Kraljevo, Sebia /Sydney Australia.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 777 still leads the way. It is no surprise that the production rate is going up, almost every week it seems new orders for the 777-300ER are coming in.

Sony Ninan (California, Maryland):

There is no aircraft like B777-200/200LR/300ER. It is over the top in schedule, maintenance, performance, style, comfort, etc. Also, it is loved by Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Pilots and Passengers. Eagerly waiting for the new B777X Series.

Leo Schelvis (Amsterdam):

Hi Randy,

In the last 15 years seen a lot how Boeing building airplanes.. Visit several times the plant in Wichita where they build the 737 fuselage with big automatic drilling machines (robots)

And in the plant in Renton how to see the assembly line of new wings for the 737.. amazing.

And now the use an flex-track drilling machine .. awesome.. make me curious to see this machine in work.

Great to see how Boeing everytime improve the quality.

Keep up doing the good work...

Best regards,
Leo Schelvis (KLM)

Branislav Cifra (Bratislava, Slovakia):

B777 the best aicraft ever built!
Boeing always stays on the top of aviation.
Even, we never forgot its pioneer times result Boeing commercial aeroplanes.

Mostafa M (Rancho Cucamonga, California (USA):

I've always loved Boeing airliners, a flush, beautiful design for the friendly skies. Hail to the 777 for its outstanding performance in technology, what an amazing beautiful jumbo jet aircraft, I gotta say "WOW" to so many airlines still ordering this incredible beautiful beast of the skies!

Bob Jo (Frankfurt, Germany):

It is super hard for me to choose between the 747 and the 777, so instead I just don't choose between them and accept them both as my two favourites. GOOD JOB, BOEING!!!

Prosper TED (Paris):

Bravo ! Bravo !
Thanks to 777 for its efficiency and security when travelling.

Merci beaucoup

Michael P (Hong Kong):

Being a B777 pilot for a major Asian carrier, i have to say it is the finest transport I have ever flown.

Eric (Nairobi, Kenya):

nothing less than AWESOME!!!!

Guido U-A-Sai (The Netherlands (City of Haarlem)):

Did National Geographic Channel (NGC) make a special on 777-300ER in NGC's 'Megafactories'?
I think, if it's not the case, it really should be done for this very impressive aircraft.
For many years it's still my favourite passengers plane. Incredible engines also.
Very curious how the 777-300ER 'Generation 21th Century' will be.

Tsuyoshi Matsumoto (Chiba,Japan):

Fly high and keep going,777!

gord merrifield (mississauga ontario canada):

sorry i retired before these great machines arrived. mind you your old iron did a good job for their time, i envy the guys in the saddle of these great new birds.

Marianne Conti (Buenos Aires Argentina):

Dear Sirs:
I would like to suggest that Aeromexico have this aircraft for the long haul flights, for example from Mexico City to Buenos Aires and the opposite.
I hope the answer.
Sincerely Yours.
Marianne Conti.

Eugene A. Erickson (Snohomish Wa.):

I had the opportunity to work on the 777 Bird awhile ago and enjoyed the experience. I hope to again

Angelo Battistessa (Calgary ,Canada):

The 777 has an outstanding performance and ergonomics What an amazing beautiful jumbo jet aircraft! I had the opportunity to fly on the 777 awhile ago and enjoyed the experience.
I hope to see the new B777xxx


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