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Every production rate increase at Boeing is always closely watched, but none more so than the 787 program. That’s why I’m excited to report that we’re now officially building at the new rate of five airplanes per month—just as scheduled.


The main 787 line in our Everett factory.

The first airplane at the new rate, and the 83rd Dreamliner to be built, rolled out of the Everett factory last week. That incorporates the full efforts of the main 787 line and Temporary Surge Line in Everett, and the line at Boeing South Carolina. We’ve now doubled our production rate in just one year thanks to the ingenuity of our employees and some new technologies.


The Temporary Surge Line in Everett.

Some 500 employee involvement teams continue to look at ways to do things better—and faster. One of those teams developed a small piece of protective equipment that now covers the electronic actuators that move the horizontal stabilizer. The plastic covering is now used across the program to protect the actuators during the production process. New orbital drilling machines are also being used to help attach the wings to the center fuselage section.


Here’s another stat the 787 team can be proud of. 35 Dreamliners have now been delivered to eight airlines. And we’re on track to go up to 10 airplanes per month by the end of next year. For a closer look at what’s involved in our rate increase, check out the video below.

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Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

I stay here wondering the frenetic move of the Dreamlifters!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Already 83 787s that have been made or is in the process of being manufactured. It is nice you don't have to wait for years and years to receive a 787 when it has been ordered. The production line looks very busy.

Robert (Canada):

Boeing's construction and aircraft assembly techniques are truly fantastic on both engineering and human accomplishment scales.

Being able to build the world's best aircraft to such fine degrees of precision & tolerance is an unimaginable feat.

I've been on hundreds if not thousands of rides (as a passanger) around the globe, and I always feel safe and comfortable on Boeing aircraft.

I wish I had a career with Boeing, but its exciting just to watch Boeing construct and build the best aircarft the world has to offer!

Humberto (Mexico):

When will the 787 be delivered to Aeroméxico ?

Jens Linde (Copenhagen, Denmark):

Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced it will start flying the new dreamliner 787 from spring 2013.
That's excellent news for Scandinavians. Modern comfort and cheaper tickets.
One problem, however: I haven't seen any 787-production plans for Norwegian. Can Boing enlighten me on this?

Jens Linde

N Breen (U.S.A):


Gary Scott (Winnipeg, Canada):

With 35 787's delivered and number 83 in final assembly at the new rate increase, where are the 48 aircraft (83-35) that have been built and not delivered? It seems that 48 aircraft is a high number waiting to be delivered. I assume that most of these aircraft are being modified to incorporate engineering changes prior to delivery. I also assume that this number will drop significantly once everything smooths out.

Randy Tinseth:

You are correct Gary-- change incorporation is still underway on some of our 787s. The first 787 to go straight into pre-flight operations was Line 66.

Randy Tinseth:


We leave those announcements up to our customers.

Rob D (W.Palm Beach FL):

I just flew on United's Dreamliner from ORD to IAH and it was amazing! I have never been on a nicer, quieter airplane!

JJ (Shanghai, China):

I saw this Orbital Drilling Machine in running. That is fantastic solution for all difficult-to-drill applications.

NOVATOR is leading company for ORBITAL DRILLING SOLUTION. That is innovative product from Novator !!

Alfonso A. Yamzon (New Jersey Deptford):

Oh how I wish, i could contribute my knowledge in building up more 787 Dreamliner in the near future. I knew that this aircraft would give a highly recognition as the best aircraft of the century.

A. A. Raaz (Mumbai):

Thats good news, I am one of the lucky few who operates 787-8 as Cabin Crew, on a regular basis. Travellers are really enthralled by this new plane. I wish I could contribute my experiences and make 787 more attractive, wanted and user friendly from a traveller's point of view.

Seven Simbolon (Jakarta, Indonesia):

Amazing when seeing this video, I expect Indonesia's airlines order the 787 Dreamliners.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Fantastic that the best for this program lies ahead, it looks as though Boeing is set for an incredible run on the 787 production and with the upcoming models -9 and -10. All the best!

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