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As we get closer to Veterans Day, Boeing is paying tribute to the men and women of our company who’ve also served for our country. A special tribute page on has just been launched that includes military related video content, support initiatives, transitioning military employment tools and events. The page also has a television commercial featuring Boeing employees that will soon begin airing and a print ad— both seen below.


The TV ad highlights 19 Boeing employees who served in the U.S armed forces and will feature them reflecting on their time in the military.

While this tribute coincides with Veterans Day, Boeing is committed to hiring and training veterans year-round. Earlier this month, we joined GE and other business, academic and not-for-profit partners to start a new coalition that trains military veterans for advanced manufacturing jobs. The “Get Skills to Work” coalition extends Boeing’s successful partnerships with community and technical colleges to develop and recruit a pipeline of workers trained in aerospace manufacturing skills.

We’ve hired and trained nearly 3,000 veterans in just the past 21 months for jobs at Boeing. About 24,500 veterans are currently employed at Boeing, and many continue to serve in the National Guard and Reserves.

To all Boeing employees who’ve served—and continue to serve— we can’t thank you enough.

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Paul Brenot (Florida):

Thank you. Words can't express my gratitude to these fine Americans.

Norman (Long Beach. CA):

To those who serve in the America's armed forces thank you. As a nation we should prioritize education, occupations, and health services for those in need and non should ever be homeless.

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