Wednesday Week

I’ve talked before about the great campaign at WestJet called “Winglet Wednesday.” Passengers are invited to take photos of the winglets while in flight and send them in to WestJet’s Facebook page.


Gorgeous view of Montego Bay.

Since this is Wednesday, I wanted to share a photo of WestJet winglets taken in our Renton factory and mention a big milestone for the airline. In just a few days, WestJet will celebrate the 100th Next-Generation 737 to join its fleet— delivered from our good friends at ACG.


A WestJet 737 making its way through our Renton factory.

WestJet began in 1996 with three Boeing 737-200s serving five cities. It has now grown into Canada’s largest low-fare airline serving 81 destinations across Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Congratulations to WestJet on this Wednesday, and thanks for keeping our team in Renton very busy!

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Norman (Long Beach, CA):

WestJet is a true success story in its own right, it has survived in an environment that is tough and it has grown
and taken advantage of routs that has made WestJet competitive.
Congrats on 100 737s and I hope to see many many more.

David Balton (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida):

Hi Randy:

How does Boeing plan to respond to Airbus' insulting and frankly childish "Pinnochio" ad which has gone viral and no doubt you've heard about by now?

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