Celebrating in San Diego

It’s been an exciting weekend for Japan Airlines as they launched the first ever nonstop service between San Diego and Asia with the 787 Dreamliner. The airplane landed in San Diego this morning. This is just one more example of how the 787 is opening up new markets. (Photos from San Diego below by Bill Sandke)


Since you know I love food, I also wanted to share JAL’s special menu to celebrate today’s flights. The flight from Tokyo to San Diego included prawn ceviche, roasted lamb and the JAL Original Hamburger in Sasebo Style - inspired by Sasebo, the sister port of San Diego in Nagasaki.


On the flight from San Diego to Tokyo, passengers are enjoying US Prime Beef Wellington and lobster. The special menu will remain on the San Diego-Tokyo route through the end of February. Sounds like my kind of flight. Congratulations to JAL!

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snowpapa4423 (Tokyo,Japan):


M.Niazy (Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia):

Thank you Sir for your presentation at Alfaisal University in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.

When Boeing planes first arrived in the 60s to Saudi Arabia and it was a cultural change to the community.

Talal Maddah a famous Saudi singer mentioned the plane in a very old song during that time:

"O passengers on the Boeing Take my letter which reflects my nostalgic and passion......"

Mark (New York, NY):

The JAL livery on 787 is so beautiful. There's really lots to be said for simplicity. Congrats, JAL and Boeing!

Nikolay Klimchuk (New York):

KSAN has pretty steep approach and relatively short runway. Are there any limitations on payload/landing weight because of that? Also what was the tail number?

SNEHAL JARDOSH (Palm Desert, California):

Dear Randy,

I am very proud of Boeing's achievement in commercial aviation to carry out a vision that moves people from one corner of the globe to the other efficiently, smoothly, and above all safely. The continuous improvement model embraced by Boeing enabled to build and deliver airplanes like the Boeing 787 & 747-8. I was pleased JAL's service from San Diego to Japan - what a monumental flight that must have been.

Keep up the great work & happy flying!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 787 is incredible for these kinds of markets. I hope San Diego remains strong for the new JAL destination, I know San Jose, CA is one again up for grabs for the Tokyo market. Congrats on the new milestone, I expect to see plenty more made with the 787.

Tim (Baltimore):

Randy ? I got my own new nick name for the 787.
The 747 name is Queen of the Skies.
The 787 ? the Flying Swan ? how do you like that name ? looks as beautiful as a swan.

Oscar (Boca Raton, FL):

It brings me great joy to see the 787 flying routes like this, providing point-to-point travel just like it was designed for. Always excited to see the 787 expand in service!

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