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We always knew the 787 would be a favorite of photographers. But I’m pretty sure no one ever thought the Dreamliner would be used in a fashion shoot.


Caras Magazine, one of the top publications in Chile, ran a fashion spread this past week with LAN’s 787 serving as the backdrop. You can see more of the photos here.


Thanks to Caras for allowing us to share these images— and to LAN for bringing the glamorous photo shoot to our attention.


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V V (Montreal, Quebec):

She is gorgeous.

I mean the aircraft.

Deborah Bae (Purdue University):

About time. I was wondering why no one in the aviation industry was doing this? It's such an obvious marketing tool, if nobody was going to do it by the time I graduate, I was going to apply to Boeing and do this. :)
Now go and use a celebrity as a brand marketing scheme. ;)

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Not bad, not hot babes on classic cars or bikes and in here NSFW but it is fashionable and the women are beautiful. This is a very nice way to introduce and bring attention to the 787 into the non aviation community.

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

Cool shots. Looks nice and sunny in Chile! In Washington, we need REI to carry more glamorous raingear, like the 'space bubble'.

JeffinMass (Newton Centre, MA):

There was a very creative art director who understood the beauty and design of the B787 Dreamliner.
My question is this on another matter. Why have no images been released from the non-event that occurred today, December 11, 2012, with the delivery of American Airlines brand new and first B777-300ER? Was it because it was delivered all-grey without an actual livery?

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

I think it is a rare acknowledgement when an airplane becomes a part of a fashion-shooting... only cutting-edge industry design can inspire arts: la Tour Eiffel, the Boeing 747 (in many Airport movies) or Concorde (used to connect Paris and New York)... and now the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is eternized, too... clearly, this is only the beginning of its success story...

Randy Tinseth:

American has released some interior photos on its Facebook page:

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Cultural success usually means you've arrived -- more like, you've reached some sort of critical admiration from people who generally hardly follow you. I think when Jozsef speaks of the 747 in film, it's iconic shape has landed it in quite a lot of print, usually just as a familiar international background to whatever is being shot.

The fashion is fabulous ha!

David S (New Orleans LA):

If only I could have been born a 787.


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Nicole Devries (Vancouver, BC):

Aviation and fashion. My two favourite things combined into one - the best!

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