MAX right on track

Just a few weeks after announcing that the 737 MAX reached “Firm Concept,” the program has released the first design drawing on the program of the thrust reverser actuation system, or TRAS.


Here’s a brand new image of the 737 MAX. While you can’t see the TRAS, this does show the cowling where the thrust reverser is stowed.

As a key part of the propulsion system, the TRAS opens up the nacelle when applying reverse thrust and, when the pilot is finished, stows back into place. The plan is to keep the TRAS design on the MAX mostly common with the Next-Generation 737.

The bulk of design releases will happen after the program begins the official design phase in mid-2013. But by finalizing the propulsion system first, the program stays on schedule. That’s good news for us—and our customers.

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Daniel K (Sydney, Australia):

Hi Randy,

Have always loved flying on the 737 and glad to hear that the Max is right on track.

Being from Australia, glad to hear Virgin Australia taking it up and hoping Qantas will do the same.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Not a bad way to end a very successful year, I am glad the 737MAX is going right along and I think by next year the 737MAX order list will be well in excess of 1,000 orders. It will still be a while until we see the newest generation of 737 go into service but it will be a very state-of-the-art airliner when it does.

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