100,000 reasons to celebrate the 747-8

The 747-8 program has 100,000 reasons to celebrate. On January 27, the fleet surpassed 100,000 hours in the air. Each and every 747-8 customer currently flying the airplane played a role in reaching that milestone, and we’re excited to see so many different liveries in the air.

The 747-8 fleet is currently made up of 32 airplanes (28 Freighters and 4 Intercontinentals). The most recent addition is an NCA Freighter which began service this month.

The fleet has touched down in 92 airports around the world carrying passengers and some pretty unique cargo including flowers, race cars and helicopters.


A chopper is loaded into a Cargolux 747-8 Freighter.

Lufthansa now has four routes with their fleet of Intercontinentals— all to and from Frankfurt (Washington, DC, LAX, Delhi and Bangalore).


Inside one of Lufthansa’s 747-8 Intercontinentals.

We’re proud that our customers are happy with the airplane’s performance. This year, we’re focused on improving production processes and program profitability— while keeping a close eye on the cargo market. In the meantime, keep an eye out for some of these beauties at an airport near you.










Comments (13)

Eddie (Prescott, AZ):

Very impressive aircraft. I hope to fly it soon when I become a pilot!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 747 freighter looks really nice in the Cathay Pacific Cargo livery. Twenty-eight freighters is not bad, though they cant do all the work of the Antonov aircraft, the 747 freighters cargo capacity is really impressive.

Ronald Lee Cuie II (Seattle, WA):

The Boeing 747-8i and cargo are excellent, very well made aircrafts...their design is such that I feel that they were created way before their time. So they have unlimitted potential to be carried way into the future for some time...

Wayne Wakelam (Gt Britain):

It's about time that the major airlines looked at the 748 for fleet renewal. When you look at the lead time for a 380 and the age of the 744 fleets of the likes of BA surely the 748 is a sensible option, both on lead time and price. I am sure Boieng would come in with an attractive package to fill the order books ?

Gary Scott (Winnipeg, MB, Canada):

The 747-8 Intercontinental is my favourite! It is the most majestic Boeing aircraft. I hope a number of new customers in addition to Lufthansa will place new orders for the 747-8i. Best wishes for many more years of production.

Martin Nyholm (Stockholm, Sweden):

Pure Perfection!!
There is nothing manmade in the sky around our globe right now that can match the 747-8’s design and especially the 8F!
Joe Sutter and your engineers made it so right from the beginning and now you have completed it!

I’m a structural designer of buildings. I wish I was working with something else…

Indranil Chakrabarty (New Delhi, India):

The 747 was a futuristic plane which remaiks an icon even today. The graceful and elengant shape still makes
it look sleek and modern, unlike the 380 which has a lumpy look. I have flown in all variants, 100, 200, 300 and 400 and Combi, save the SP and the Fs and Ds. The 747 is sleek smart and great to look at. I thik i saw an 8 the other night in the skes over Delhi. Couldnt tell which carrier, but it had a longer and gentler wingtip strobe unlike the short sharp flash of the 400. Lufthansa, Cathay, British all fly the 8 to Dellhi, tjough I am not sure if ill get to fly one because most are cargo plane. Hope more airlines buy the 8i. Thanks Boeing for thi great plane and IO hope it stays inskies for many more decades .

Peet (Budapest, Hungary):

The 747 is truly the only queen of the skies and the 748i with LH is probably the only plane I intentionally look for when choosing a flight from the booking systems. I only wish more and more airlines would choose this magnificent bird.

I thank Joe Sutter and his team for creating such a flying icon and wish him good health to see it fly for ages to come.

Anna (St. Louis,Mo ):

This is a Fleet of Awesome Airplanes! Whatever the need a customer have, you magnificent guys and build them,your awesome

Larry Potts (Pitman, NJ):

Nothing looks more beautiful in the air or on the ground than the majestic 747! And now, an improved, larger, 747-8 stretches the sky with a hump of beauty! I can't wait to fly in it; surely a passenger's dream!

The airlines are missing the customer's dreams by not buying the 747-8

Ryan panahi (Houston,Texas,United states):

The 747-8 is an amazing aircraft.I hope i can see it in action soon!

emil bichara:

I am still more interested though to seeing Intercontinentals to wear different airline liveries, I guess the cargo is a hands down victory for Boeing.

All the Best to Boeing,I hope your marketing and sales team can work beyond double time to pitch up some sales for the B748i.

The "whale jet" is way ahead of the race already......

Manuel Garcia (Marysville wa):

What a great plane I'm proud to say I build them. Long live the queen of the skies

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