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Today, we took one final look back at 2012 as Boeing released its fourth-quarter and full year earnings report. We finished 2012 with record revenue and a record backlog—while restoring our market share leadership in orders and deliveries.

Now, we turn our full attention to 2013. As our Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney said, our first order of business is to resolve the 787 battery issue and return the airplanes safely to service with our customers. Our teams continue to work the issue day and night.

In the meantime, 787 production continues and we remain confident in the future of the program—as well as the integrity, safety and performance of the airplane. The company says guidance for 2013 deliveries is expected to be between 635 and 645 airplanes across all programs, which includes greater than 60 787 deliveries.

Going forward this year, we’re focused on meeting our commitments through higher production rates and improved efficiency. The 737 MAX and 787-9 remain on schedule. And we’ll keep moving ahead with the 777X and the 787-10X.

Today, we also released a video recapping the highlights of 2012. Enjoy!

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Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I look forward to the development of the 777X and the future 787 growth models. People in the aviation websites are saying the A350 will not grow beyond the 1000 model (shorter than the A340-600) so the opportunity to grow the 777 is a rather safe bet even in regard to not so well selling A350-1000.

Firewalker Andrew (Lancaster, PA, USA):

Ya know, the 1 really huge mistake i Airbus made in my own hard opinion, was to OK a design for the A350"XWB", which is narrower than the B-777. I think that at the least, Airbus should have made the jet AS WIDE as the 777. They would have actually put Boeing in more of a difficult position, as opposed to now. I also feel that it would spell the deathnell for Airbus, if Boeing would present an all-new, highly advanced variant of the B-777 in a tri-jet configuration. I'm talking about a lengthened 777-300 fuselage by approx. 25', an all-new, adv., supercritical wing + a folding wing feature, a new center main 6-wheel bogie, enlarged new passenger windows, a 'side-stick' option for traditional Airbus customers, an all-composit rear tail section, & all-composite doors. I believe very strongly that an all-new DC-10-styled configuration with many new enhanced features, would kill sales of the A380. My proposal for such a new aircraft would also entail the possibility of a 12" wider fuselage for the 777 type jet.

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