Keep on rolling

Boeing’s best-selling 737 just keeps on rolling. The program has just started building its first airplane at the new, increased rate of 38 per month.


737 wing mechanics Jon Powell, Jared Sanchez, Ron Doleman, Mike Graham and Ron McNabb lift a 737 wing spar part into the automated spar assembly tool. Jim Anderson photo.

Over the past two years, production of the 737 has jumped more than 20 percent. And we still aren’t finished with our rate increases. In 2014, we’ll go up to 42 airplanes per month.


Jared Sanchez of 737 Wings fastens a piece of a 737 wing spar into the automated spar assembly machine. Jim Anderson photo.

Mechanics have been loading initial parts of the spars for the first airplane at the new rate into an automated spar-assembly machine. The spar is the first step in building the wings and marks the start of major manufacturing for an airplane.


A look inside the 737 factory in Renton today.

As always, employee teams have been instrumental in helping the program step up to the new rate—- developing and implementing innovative efficiency improvements.

Congrats to the team in Renton for another amazing achievement.

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jamilu boeing nigeria:

BOEING ! Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.

Daniel K (Sydney, Australia):

Hi Randy,

It's always great to hear that the 737 is going from strength to strength. I know there's been a lot of publicity surrounding the 787 but I'm confident Boeing will resolve the issues ASAP and looking forward to the day when 10 dreamliners a month are delivered.

Felipe (Brasil):

Meu sonho é ser piloto de avião, e as empresas que eu gostaria de trabalhar é a Boeing ou a American Airlines, porque a frota dela têm bastante aeronaves da Boeing. E parabéns Boeing, sempre com avioês maravilhosos, e não tira aquela asa que as aeronaves da Gol têm, do modelo 737-800.

Jim B (Phoenix, AZ):


With respect to the 737 ramp up, you posted a while back a comment on how 777's were ramped up, and that "footprints/traffic" was counted to make time on the aircraft more efficient. Have they monitored the foot traffic and time on the 737 to make the process more efficient and save time to ramp it up?


Vincent Nadugaddi (Bangalore, India):

Boeing Team,

I always believe that you guys are the best! I'am sure that you guys will resolve the issues with the 787 at the earliest and will do wonders with it.

Congratulations 737 team! Hope to see you taking your job to the nest level every year and being well ahead of the rest..

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Forty-two 737s per month coming soon and perhaps higher in the future not a bad way to go, these are just huge numbers and none to soon for the 737 MAX with over 1,000 plus in orders by itself.

Antonio (Long Beach):

I believe in Boeing.
My grandfather flew Boeing.

Millie Bilotta (Mesa, AZ):

Your 737's keep getting better and better. What a plane! As the old saying goes "if it ain't Boeing, I ain't goin'"

abdrhman (morocco-oued zem-rabat):

it is ver stunning boeing every time every wat it is best in the worldwid

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